What Should I Do?

  1. I am a LPN and have been in pursuit of my RN. I live in Georgia, whereby if your sciences are over 5 yrs you have to retake them. I have a BS degree from an accredited school; however, I just got put on a waiting list and the universities that i've applied to in Georgia wants to retake my science classes over. The sad thing is that I took my sciences at this university. I know I can get accepted into a LPN-RN scholl, but the drive maybe something I'm not willing to do. Should I just for get about my RN and get my MS Healthcare Administraion?
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  3. by   jamangel
    I don't know what area of GA you're in but I live near the border of GA and SC and know plenty of people who go to SC for nursing. Aside form that you do have plenty of other options. You could do Excelsior's Program which is at your pace and a clinical practice at the end. Indiana State University has a program that is entirely online. That's just a couple....
  4. by   goback

    I am a LPN also. I am currently going back to get my RN. My sciences were way over the 5 year limit too. I did not want to repeat them either.
    I found a private college that accepts the sciences over 5 years. A matter of fact everything transfered. I live 1 hour away, so I drive a total of 2 hours,4 days a week. I keep looking towards the goal. Keep looking around maybe you too can find a college that will accept your sciences. I am so glad I decided to go back. Good Luck to You!!!!
  5. by   CrazyPremed
    :angryfire That sounds so frustrating!!

    I took anatomy and physiology in 2000. I started Pathophysiology this semester and felt pretty nervous that I had the oldest A & P class out of everyone. I thought that I might even be dropped from the class!!

    I now have the highest grade in the class (our second exam was graded yesterday!).

    Just because the prereqs are old, doesn't mean the info is!!! Good luck to you.

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  6. by   biker nurse
    I had to re-take my anatomy/physiology they were only good for 5 years.
    but after 3 back surgeries and a year out of work i KNEW ALL I wanted was
    to be an RN. SO I did what I had to do. 1and 1/2 semesters left