What GPA do you need to continue?

  1. helloooo nurses! i am currently in itt-tech's rn program, 1 semester in. when we first started, we were told anything below a c would place you on probation, but then we were told starting 2nd semester on, only a b or higher would allow you to continue...and my classmates are very upset by this and want to fight the school on it- but i'm not sure what the problem is. don't most, if not all rn programs require you to maintain a certain grade point average to remain in the program?? i know there are some that want you to have a 3.0 to even be considered! is maintaining a b average too much to ask of a rn program??
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  3. by   NNP-2018
    My program requires an 80% in each class to continue.
  4. by   NoAverageLPN
    I am at Baker College and we have to maintain a B average. When I went to OCC for my LPN it was a C. I would think those who are upset are obviously those who want to skate by and not put much effort into it which when they get out and licensed (if they make it that far) will have a harder time transitioning from student to nurse.

    Also, when 'fighting' the school caution should always be taken because it can back fire on you. For instance, we had an issue with an instructor and when we fought it we ALL had to retake the class and some of us actually passed with a 4.0 but it didn't matter.
  5. by   hello_nurse77
    Thanks for your imput on this matter. There are about 2 or 3 of my classmates that are constantly fighting and/or arguing with faculty, and it is BEYOND annoying. But in this matter, I really do feel it's a waste of time since ALL the ITT nursing programs have this policy now. Ugh...it's going to be a LONGGGG 2 years if this keeps up! LOLOL