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  1. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from TheCommuter
    This fall I took my first semester of prerequisites. They included Sociology, Psychology, Human Growth & Development, and English Composition 101.

    This spring I will take A&P I, English Composition 102, and Speech.
    I changed the line-up once again! Here's what I have decided to accomplish this spring:

    1. A&P I
    2. Microbiology
    3. English Comp II
    4. Speech
    5. Art Appreciation

    I know that this class schedule seems challenging at first, but my life situation is different than other individuals because I have no children, few distractions, and a work schedule that enables me to have 5 days off in a row per week.
  2. by   LindseyLou2222
    Wow, sounds like we are all going to have our hands full this semester.
  3. by   jamangel
    i added music appreciation today.
  4. by   Annie2005
    Just found out in the beginning of this week that I was accepted back into the nursing program at MATC (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin).....dropped out because of stuff going on. So this spring (just registered today) I'll be taking Health Alterations 1 and that's all. That's the only class I didn't finish in semester 3 of the RN program. Then next semester will be a full one! I'm just taking one semester at a time though. I'm so excited, and WILL not screw this up for me!!!! I wanna finish and get that RN license.

  5. by   Spryte
    Microbiology, biochem, and Spanish 2 (maybe another class if needed...). That's enough for me, I already have BS degrees in bio/psych and a fantastic hubby/ 3 little kids. I know I'm crazy, HA! :spin:
  6. by   jamangel
    how's everyone's classes?
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    Okie dokie while waiting for entry into the nursing program ...I am taking college algebra for the 5th time and a Intro to Business course, because I have taken everything else under the sun!!!! Good luck all
  8. by   Transient
    Microbiology, Physiology, Anatomy, and English.

    Sounds alot, but if you're an LVN already, then these classes should be a breeze(stupid school won't accept my previous Anatomy/Physiology credits).
  9. by   jamangel
    Don't you just hate that?
  10. by   Transient
    Quote from jamangel
    Don't you just hate that?
    Heck yeah!

    I've already taken Anatomy 3X (U.S. Army and my local community college), Physiology, and Microbiology with grades of "A" and "B". Just because I've taken them past 7 years ago, they won't accept them for nursing school. Now I'm taking them again and I'm just completely bored in class (except for my English class). It's funny, I've given the antibiotics used to kill the microbes my class will be studying this semester. I just get to refresh my mind again on why we need to kill spirochetes and abt resistant microbes.
  11. by   fishchick72
    I'm in my final semester. I have critical care nursing theory for the whole semester, critical care clinicals for the first 5 weeks, a leadership class for the first 6 weeks, a careplan class until March 20th, computer lab that I need 48 hours in & I have to do my skills check offs in a couple of weeks.