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Finals are my grades two As and one B...exit interview was yesterday. I'm one of only six that made it out of a starting class of 20. Now all I need to do is take my boards and find an RN... Read More

  1. by   Lovely_RN
    It's official I am no longer a graduate nurse. I took the boards on Thu 6/18, got my quick results on Sat, and today I checked the BON and my license number is up! So I've changed my name from Bx_RN2b to Bronx_Rn because that is what I am now! :wink2:

    The journey has been unreal. 11 years ago during this very month I had just finished my CNA training and no one would hire me because I had no experience. I was so desperate for a job that I applied to KFC but even they wouldn't have me! I finally found an CNA agency job for $8.25/hr 90 minutes away from my house via two buses. I traveled 3 hours round trip by bus to work 3 12 hour shifts a week and then I started college that fall.

    I originally majored in nursing but I broke up with the father of my first child (he became jealous) and things fell apart for me. He stalked and harassed me constantly, as a result my grades went down. I didn't have a chance and I had to change my major. I changed course after that graduated with my B.A. started teaching (hated it) and went on from there to the private sector. After a few more years in jobs that I hated I decided to try nursing again, got my LPN last January, and finally 11 years later here I am an RN!

    All praises to God for bringing me this far and yes I have to say this too: To all the people who thought I was just a teen mom who was never going to be anything but a statistic how ya like me now!!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes and support allnurses!!!
  2. by   *guest*
    That is SOOOO awesome! Your story was just touching. I am glad you shared it with us. I can see how much you appreciate how far that you have come. God Bless you! :hugs:
  3. by   Tonyapate
    You made me get tears in my eyes. I am soooooo proud of you( Even though I do not know you). God bless! and enjoy!
  4. by   Tonyapate
    Yes. Praise to God!!!!
  5. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    awwww deserve it..i was moved by your first post...i just finished my third semester one more to go in august til end of october( im in an accel program) I loved what you said about the "half way house" it made me laugh so hard!! know EXACTLY what you mean about having "time" and feeling lazy and wierd..i feel that way now..even though my last semester doesnt start til august...graduation is in november this year (keeping fingers crossed)...all in all congrats earned it...and god is ALWAYS by our side...its amazing once you reach your goal how you look back and remember all the blood sweat and tears you put in isnt it?...that just makes us appreciate everything that much more...congrats and take care...XoXo:heartbeat
  6. by   TheCommuter
    [font="georgia"]congratulations, new rn!