Starting in January! Yay!

  1. Hello everyone!
    Ive been lurking this part of the board for a while and now I can officially join in bc I just found out I got accepted to the LPN to RN program at Valencia Comm. College. I wanted to get into this program so badly because it is online (except for clinicals and exams) so Ill still be able to hold down a full time job(home health makes it easy to do school work during down time). As long as I have my laptop and a internet connection Im good to go! Im very excited and cant wait to get started! I graduated with my LPN last September and have been finishing up my pre reqs since then but it seems like its been forever that Ive been waiting. Now I can finally get my RN!
    Looking forward to conversing with other bridge students!
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    Luv4nursing, Congratulations on your acceptance Celebrate bc you made it into a program.
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    Just found out that I was put on the waiting list at Southern Union.