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  1. by   becky0124
    I am 53 years old returning to get my RN afer 17 years of being an LPN. The hospital where I work has decided the will no longer be having LPN's so back to school I go. I am in the transition course this semester and will be going into the 2nd year portion of the program next fall, its kind of scary after being out of school so long but so far things are going good. Wish me luck and good luck to the rest of you who are going on.
  2. by   NewTravelingNurse
    Hi there. I was an LPN for 4 years and got tired of not being able to travel. I bit the bullet and went back to school after the age of 40 and did it....
    I have 3 years of Med Surg and am looking to stay in AZ at the end of this assignment.
  3. by   Hal_Dol
    If anybody cares:
    -Told my orientation group I loved my current job, but the company only hires LPNs for night shift; and at 4am my body says why don't you get a day job-->
    so here I am in second semester of the local community college.
    -Hx=Got a B.Sc. in biology at 26, worked as a fisheries biologist with the federal gov't for 15 years. Quit career, quit marriage, retired-and-went-sailing in the Caribbean, etc. Re-married = needed money --> got my LPN degree at a community college 5 years ago.
    PS : Do the math -- Quit gov't at 40, sailed for 7-8 years, passed LPN state boards at 58.
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  4. by   flamingopink
    Thanks for your post . I was going to do Excelsor but I know about 15 people that took it and all failed the clinical test, so I decided not to do it. Its good to hear someone passed it!!
  5. by   flamingopink
    I am wanting to do this program, but am scared of the College Network, Is it really expensive ? and after you finish your prereqs are you automatically excepted into the San Angelo University? Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.
  6. by   chelgovols
    I've been a LPN for 11yrs Now is the time in my life, when I have got to get this done! I'm taking the clep exams and I have 6 Nursing Concepts to go. I hope to complete these before Sept 30 '09 when Excelsior changes a few things like making Nursing Concepts 3 into 2 exams. I've been fortunate and ebay' ed my study books and the tests so for far are pretty cheap ....well reasonable anyway. So I'll join EC in a few months and hopefully will have my CPEN around the 1st of '10 and be happy happy. Good Luck to my fellow :typing. Now if I could just teach the hubby and kids to leave me alone to read the above plan will work
  7. by   firefly86
    Hi, I just graduated in Dec 2008 and just nclex in March 7. I have all prereqs done for Rn and now considering bridging asap. I have been going to school for ever and I am married and have lots of children. I am very proud that I have come this far because BELIEVE me it was not easy. Sometimes I have to pinch my self for all the great things that are happening in my life right now. I am currently in orientation in my hospital as a gvn untill I obtain my license. I must say I am very happy with my career I love being a nurse and helping others. I enjoy every day of it and I love my days off. I chose this career because I would be able to work 3 days and the rest be with my family and children and have financial security. I plan to go as far as I can Rn-BSN-maybe MSN. I have all my classes done to transfer to a UC but who know I need to take one step at a time. I wish you guys the best in your career and GOOD LUCK and remember PATIENTS COME FIRST!
  8. by   TimBukWho?
    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm currently an LPN and am bridging into Pratt Community College online LPN-RN. It begins in July.
  9. by   Carebear77
    Just stopping by to say hi. I graduated as a LPN in August last year, I have all my pre-req's done so I'm applying to OCC (a community college near me) and hopefully will begin in the summer (crossing all fingers )
    I was origanlly going straight for RN but the school I was attending denied my 2x's because I didn't have a 4.0, so I applied to the LPN and got right in.
    I can't wait to finally be a RN. Good luck to everyone pursuing their RN
  10. by   firefly86
    Good luck Carebear77! And Congrats to everyone who has gotten accepted.
  11. by   patty02
    I'm new to this. I'm looking at doing the distance program at LCC. My concern is that I live in GA and am not quite sure how I would work it out for the clinicals in the summer. Any advice?
  12. by   Soulmbracer
    Hi My Name is Soul. I am a 40 mother of 4. I am currently enrolled in a BSN program. I work in LTC and have for the past 14 years. My EGD is May of 2010!! Woohoo!
    I love what I do but am excited to begin the next phase in nursing! and oh yea my toughest subject is Peds...I've earned a few new gray's over that course. That's all for now....
    Good Luck to everyone taking classes...
  13. by   AmandaC30
    Hi. I'm a 29 y/o LPN. I've been an LPN in ALFs for almost 9 years now. I'm finishing up my Anatomy and Micro Pre-reqs before I even think of the NCLEX. Some take their Micro while in the program, but I'm no risk taker and want all my ducks in a row before the program begins. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Thanks