Preparing for "transition" class for lpn to RN.

  1. Hey,

    I am hoping to begin transition from LPN to RN this summer and I am curious what/ if anything I should be doing to prepare myself. I have been a LPN for 9 years so I have been out of the "nursing school" mode for quite some time.

    Any advice or helpful study hints would be appreciated!

    Merry Christmas all

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  3. by   AntFlip7395
    Reviewing A&P is always helpful, especially if you are required to take it with your bridge class. Med-surg review is also very beneficial, particularly if you haven't worked in an acute care setting in awhile. Also, brushing up on your math skills is recommended. Congrats and good luck!
  4. by   DavieRN
    Study Pharmacology concepts and practice ALL types of drug calculations problems!

    Go get em!

  5. by   TheCommuter
    I have no advice for you since I also hope to be taking an LVN-to-RN transition class in the near future, and, therefore, do not know what to expect. However, I simply wanted to wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   tiredmom
    hi kris,
    good luck:spin: , I just finished my school. I am noe a GN, hopfully soon to be RN. my experience was this
    I took a transition course then into nur 3. I should have brushed up on skills,med surge, A&p. I felt like I was lagging behind my fellow students. it was definitly harder than I expected. I did repeat nur 4. but just dont give up, no matter what! If you need advise, or just want to vent, keep posting. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. by   BVFD 333
    Drug calculations,drug calculation and more drug calcultions!!!!
  8. by   Dabuggy
    Hello, I start the RN program in Jan and was looking for advice like you, on what to do to get ahead. What I have been told so far is to get NCLEX-RN books at the library and download the CD's on my computer so I can view them as I learn. The other is Pharm and drug calculations like they mentioned above.

  9. by   fishchick72
    Review your nursing math. Some schools will spring a quiz on you to see how prepared you are. What type of work have you been doing these 9 years? I've been an LVN for the past 6 years & have always worked in acute care & it really paid off for the RN program. I am graduating in May. But it has made everything so much easier for me. Of all the LVNs that entered the bridge program with me I am the only one with acute care experience & my teachers tell me it shows.
  10. by   Danilpn69
    Hello. I am in an LPN to BSN program right now but currently taking the prereq. The best advice I can give you is go over any math/algebra that you can. We had statistics, nursing math, math and meds, and algebra. The other courses which we reguired to take over the last year was ethics, philosophy, sociology, english, and chemistry. Not sure if you have prerequisites or not. The other advise I can give is Great for you that you are returning and good luck with your classes. It is not easy but then again LPN school was not a breeze.
  11. by   freestylepnoi
    Finishing up my last semester of the ADN program, one important tip I can give you when answering any of the nursing question, answer the question based on theory not your experience.
  12. by   fallgirl
    :roll congradulations to all of you that are transitioning and good luck to you, I am doing the same thing, but I have to take a challenge exam and possibly the psb exam, I would appreciate any advise for studying for these exams, I really need to know if there are any books out there that would help me prepare for the PSB, I have taken it once and it was really hard, any tips appreciated!! Thank you so so much.:roll
  13. by   erniebobernie
    I am just lurking.

    No advice as I am starting a LPN to BSN program in June.
    Great advice here folks! I think the med/surg, pharm and calculations is where I am going to start. Best of luck to all beginning or in the midst of the RN journey!
  14. by   mac01
    Can anyone tell me are you doing this through a regular university or online?
    What do you know about online Excelsior.
    I am a new Gpn finished pre- req for Rn - I ahve a&p and Micro as co0 reqs left to do- very up in the air about how to go ahead - but I want to hit it right away as I am in the study mode- please offer some advice.

    Thanks a mint