Please help, I need advice about taking the back door to a BSN

  1. I just completed my first semester of a BSN program at a private university. I got a C- in my fundamentals class so I can't retake for another year. This sets me back an entire year, plus tuition here is steep, $670 per credit hour. I'm beginning to think I can't afford this extra year. I am devastated right now, and have been crying for days. I don't even know if I want to return in the next fall to that school. I want to go to a public school but I was rejected to one before I went the private school route. Ugh, I sacrificed so much. Now, I'm thinking of going to LPN school instead of returning to private school in Fall 08. Finish the LPN program in July 09, apply to a BSN program in August 09 and and graduate with a BSN sometime in 2010. If I return to the private school, I would graduate in May 2010. Which route is better? I prefer to have a BSN but this school could possibly have me in debt up to my eyeballs when I am done. But I am also worried I wont get into a LPN-BSN program right away.....Any advice please?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I went the Community College route. First for my LPN now for my ADN and my plans after this will be to get my BSN part time while I'm working as an RN. I defintely want to continue with my education but frankly the difference between a BSN and ADN isn't huge in my area anyway and the programs are plenty for ADN to BSN. There are some LPN to BSN programs but they can be few and far between and its important to make sure they are accepted by your BON. Best wishes with whatever you decide to try. Jules
  4. by   caliotter3
    I think you would be doing yourself a big favor by going to another school and pursuing an LPN or RN license there. The cost of failure at your present school is too steep. Your idea to get an LPN license, then continue on to an LPN to RN program is a very sound one. But please, somewhere along the way, give some serious thought to finding out what you need to do to improve your study skills. You need to make the necessary changes in how you study in order to be successful in any program. Good luck.