overwhelmed with decision

  1. Indiana U online LPN to BSN,
    Excelsior LPN to ADN,
    RUE, I study Smart, College network.....UGH! I don't know where to start. Money money money-
    HOw hard is it to get started with these online schools? It seems like such a foreign world to me and strange since I can't walk into a school and talk to someone face to face. Should I just contact Excelsior myself rather than the companies listed above? Part of me thinks that may be easier.
    The one down thing about Excelsior is the money thing-did most of you have to take out personal loans to cover the costs of the tests and stuff? How did you go about doing that? That more than likely is the one thing holding me back right now-
    And, what is the work like? Do you have to do participation online or do you just study and take the test? I am sorry-I wish I was a little more clear on all this!!!
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  3. by   tgb3rn
    Seems clear enough to me!! Excelsior is confusing as hell at first but all you do is study then test. It will depend on you and the way you learn best. I have been an LPN-C (IV certified) for 2 years now. I had no medical training at all prior to that. I am doing the Excelsior ASN program now. I have finished all of it in about a year and a half except for the CPNE (clinical test). I did not take notes when I was in LPN school, all I needed was to listen to the lecture, or read the chapter 1 time. MOST people took LOTS of notes, and studied ALL the time. I am married with 3 kids and had to work full time while in school. While doing the Excelsior thing I worked TWO full time jobs on night shift (6-12hr shifts) so the wife can do her LPN schooling full time and take care of the kiddos. Oh ya, I'm a MALE nurse--just had to put that in there:wink2: . Research it all before you make up your mind. Do what works for you. And as far as I can tell---EC does not cost a lot more than a normal education is--except for that damn CPNE--$1600.00 and a 40% fail rate--YUCK!!
    Good luck.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Check out the Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum. There are tons of threads discussing the pros and cons of publishing companies like Rue.

  5. by   mentalhealthman
    It can be confusing. What is good about Excelsior is that you can take it at your own pace. If you are motivated and have good study habits, you may be able to take a test every month or so. You pay as you go. You will have to enroll to complete the course. Around $700.00. If you do the math, it is probably less expensive than a traditional school. The problem is that it is not a title IV school, which means you can't get federal student loans. As far as Rue, The College Network, or any other publishing company.... if it fits use them. They are not necessary though. Check out some of the groups on Yahoo. Try typing in excelsior college and you can find some to get started. Good Luck.
  6. by   mel1977
    thank you for the replies. I think, after really thinking about it, I may just bite the bullet and go for my RN in a community college. It will be tough, but I just can't risk ending up in a state that wouldn't accept the ADN from either school. We may relocate to CA someday and they don't accept a degree from either.
    I am hoping to get into an accelerated program and will try and clep out of as many as I can. I know it will be longer and harder, but with luck it will happen. I get irritated thinking about sitting in class again though!