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  1. I start my LPN program in January and then I plan to go for my RN. I have some friends who are nurses or who are going to be nurses. I am the only one doing my LPN first. I am currently getting a divorce and am a mother of 2 small children. Needless to say I am a little stressed already. I just want to know if there are any other LPN's out there who have any advice to a newbee like me. Anything will be greatly appreciated.
    I have a wonderful family who are willing to help with expenses and child care but I don't know how to manage my time with the kids and school. The one thing I do know is that I will make a great nurse.
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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi Biti,
    Congratulations! I did the same thing. It will go by so fast. Just stay on top of your studies and you will be fine. Jules
  4. by   Keepstanding
    hi biti,
    congratulations on your new adventure ! you will do great i am sure. just work hard and keep your "eye on the prize" ! it's a wild ride, but you can do it. god bless you as you start your new life !

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  5. by   Dabuggy
    Hello, Congratulations on making it into Nursing school. That is a huge step out of the way. Put some notes on cards while the children are watching tv or coloring. Record your lectures and listen to it when you can. Study when the kids go to bed. Remember semesters are only 3-4 months long. Make a plan on doing something with the kids on your break. On your break do as much with them as you can. When school starts again make another plan for your next break from school. let them know when it is so they can look forward to it also.

    You have come a long way already. It will be hard, but the end is in sight. Good luck. The way our program is set up, you must become an LPN first then move on to the RN program. With the friends that go on to the RN first, you may have the option to buy/barrow their books with the parts that you should know already highlighted, you can't go wrong there.

  6. by   myopportunity
    Hey, me too! My first day of class is 1-4, cant wait to get started...hope the brain is supporting?? My situation is perfect for school; divorced, 3 kids but only one at 19 year old college attending daughter thus I have endless time to study and dedicate myself to the task. I wont have to work as many students do and am very greatful as that must really be tough! My previous job moved to China but the company is paying for everything including paying me while in school CANT BEAT THAT!

    I will be seeking advice/support from this sight so everyone get prepared to answer tons of questions and words of wisdom to keep me on track.

    We cant control the winds but we can adjust our sails!
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Be sure to visit the rest of the LPNs/LVNs at this site's LPN Corner.
  8. by   fishchick72
    Congrats & hang in there. I went straight for my LVN & then worked as an LVN while I did my pre-reqs for my RN. I am now going to graduate with my RN in May of this year. It took me 6 years to finish my pre-reqs, but it worked out great cuz I worked in acute care all 6 years & now my RN clinicals are a cakewalk & I have a lot of knowledge that other students don't. I keep hearing how hard the RN program is, but I'm breezing right through it. I think getting your LVN first is a great way to do it, I have no regrets.