Morgan County Community College

  1. If I get into the LPN-RN program, I will have to commute 82 miles one way... is this even worth it? There is one more program a tad bit closer but hard to get into from what I hear. Debating on this commute as I am a single mom and how it will affect me. Has anyone else had to make a long commute for nursing school??
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  3. by   lmjsierra
    Are you in Colorado?
  4. by   jennifertierney
    Yep I am!
  5. by   lmjsierra
    Me too!!! I was debating over the LPN-RN bridge program at Morgan community college too. Its quite a drive though I am 90 miles away from it also.
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  6. by   jennifertierney
    I'm in Fort Collins! You? I am thinking about applying in April. But that drive ...
  7. by   lmjsierra
    there are very slim options for LPN-RN
  8. by   jennifertierney
    Yes ! Very slim. Front Range offers a program in Westminster but I hear it's hard to get into. I may have to make the drive least it's only for one year instead of two.
  9. by   lmjsierra
    i know I'm debating the same thing...... Its quite a drive i think of the time and with kids, working and school. I feel so stressed out. I am even debating just doing the RN program at Denver school of nursing. ugh I don't know.
  10. by   jennifertierney
    I am in the same boat- work, kids and the drive time. What part of CO do you live in ? Are you an LPN now?
  11. by   lmjsierra
    I'm in southwest Denver by Hampden and Sheridan. I have been a LPN for 4 years.
    how about you?
  12. by   lmjsierra
    You should email me! 🙂
  13. by   jennifertierney
    email sent!