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Hi everyone I am an lvn trying to get in bridge program at weathford college in tx, any other lvns apply? Im about avg on gpa and teas just want to know what my chances are? Are there any former wc... Read More

  1. by   tejas03
    I would love to hear how the LVN-RN program at WC is??!! I have been an LVN for 11 years and am ready to go back to school and finish my RN. I am applying for the May 2012 class (well in Nov) and am hoping you all can share your experience and how ya'lls class is going so far?! Curious where clinicals are and how often? What is typical week schedule? How is transitioning into the existing ADN class going? I have not worked in a hospital so I am very nervous about how that will play into jumping back into school....I've worked in various areas and feel confident in my education but clinicals still scare me!! Thanks!!
  2. by   doekaren
    Tex42cares and Tejas03...
    I was accepted into the LVN-RN transition program at WC and the BSN program at Midwestern State University this year. I decided to accept the BSN offer so I cannot offer any information on the WC transition program. I did go to the orientation day at WC so I did get some information on it. You do join up with the current ADN students and it will be ok because you are already an LVN and have plenty of assessment skills. They are still nervous about the whole thing and look to the transition students for help. So you should be fine there. If you haven't worked in a hospital setting and are not familiar with some of the procedures...just tell your mentor that you would like for her (or him) to be there when you do it. In the class that I was going to be in there were a bunch of LVNs that hadn't worked in a hospital before. You should be fine! Just don't be afraid to admit that you don't remember or don't know how to do something. Good luck!
  3. by   tejas03
    @doekaren....thank you so much for helping ease my nerves! Congrats on Midwestern...that's awesome! How's that going? I am applying at several different ones for next semester...UTA (already applied once and was declined), TCC, and WC (those 2 start in May of next year). I am praying for the UTA BSN program but with the ENORMOUS amount of applicants they have received (700 applicants for about 10-15 spots..eeks) I'm just praying...nothing else I can do. WC or TCC would be fine too. I'm just ready after 11 years to be done and to be able to get a job in either NICU or L&D (this has been my dream all these years). Again, thank you so much for all your info!! Good luck to you too!
  4. by   doekaren
    @tejas03...I also applied at MSU and WC and was declined at both the first time but then got accepted into both the second time around. Watch you get into all 3! lol I know which one you'll pick! *wink* The doors will open for us when we have our RN. I, like you, have been an LVN for a long time. We're so limited as an LVN. The one good thing is we shouldn't have a hard time getting a job as an RN since we already have LVN experience. I've heard that it is hard to find a job as a new nurse without any experience. I think it is because there are so many getting education on the internet and not much clinical experience.
    I will start MSU next week and I'm so excited. I eventually want to teach.
    Good luck with UTA and the others! Keep me informed!
  5. by   Mandy LVN
    I have already been accepted to the LVN to RN program at WC to start next May! I was actually accepted to the program for this year but had to withdraw 1 1/2 weeks into the program due to personal reasons but have a guaranteed spot next year. I am anxious to get started on it. That 1st week was stressful, skills checkoffs and the doseage calculation exam. But after that I believe it will get better. I can't wait to get going on it and finish this time!
  6. by   tejas03
    Yea Mandy..congrats on your spot! I'm applying too! I've got to take the TEAS V test in the next couple months. I'm still nervous about having no hospital experience over my.past 11 years but feel like it'll come back to me and its now or never...haha. Maybe we will meet next year!!
  7. by   Mandy LVN
    Tejas hopefully we will! And most of it should come back after some practice. Good luck with the TEAS!
  8. by   tejas03
    Thank you Mandy! Have you taken the TEAS V? What did you use to study for it?
  9. by   Mandy LVN
    Yes I took the TEAS three times, last July and November, and then again in January. Got a little better score each time. I used the study guide they provide in the book store...however I think they are using a different one now. I used it mainly for the math and science portions. Good luck!!!!
  10. by   tmmycarson
    Hello, I just finishes all my pre requisites and all co-recs for ADN at Weatherford College. After speaking to Karen Long, I learned that my "B"'s in all pre recs may not be enough unless i ace the TEAS V.. I am so worried. with all my pre recs and co recs together I only will have 7 points for all the hard work in AP1 &AP2 and Micro, and math! I am wondering about doing the LVN and then bridge. Any suggestions?
  11. by   jm0914
    I made all A's except in math, which was a c, and i didnt get in the adn program... im not trying to discourage you at all! you should definitely try! but always keep your options open! i tried for the adn and lvn program, and im going with the lvn program and will do the lvn to rn once im done!