LVN to RN Cali style. Which schools are you waiting for?

  1. Hello, I am a lvn grad who has been playing the getting in to rn school to finish up school game all September trying to get my apps in. How has everyone else faired this year? I thought this post would help all of us who applied to So cal schools to see where we stand in regards to our applications.
    Here are the schools I applied to and if I have received any correspondence as of today:
    -Pasadena City College: Received letter last week stating I am an alternate and I have to attend orientation next month hoping a spot opens up
    -Riverside Community College: HESI test tomorrow and will find out position on entrace list next week.
    -Glendale Community College: Received letter that application has been accepted but nothing further. Should be any day now.
    -Mt SAC: Talked to a friend who has been in contact with the nursing department and she said that the letters are going out next week to enter the transition course in Jan. But I also heard that this trans class doesn't assure you a spot it just determines the strongest students and lists you from there. Any thoughts on that ladies?
    -San Bernardino Valley: Starts in March so nothing will be heard until Jan or Feb.

    I am wait listed at a couple of other schools in the area as well but won't start in the spring which is what I really would like. How is everyone else doing? I don't know if its just me or are we the last ones to find out? It seems like every other state has their answers fairly quickly? Well good luck to us all and hope to hear from some of you soon.

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  3. by   luv4nursing
    what part of Cali are you in? I have a friend in the San Francisco/San Mateo area who also is interested in transitioning. Do u know of any private schools in Cali? She is looking for one that includes pre reqs in the program.
  4. by   carol72
    my story for now. i am an lvn, applied to four schools for bridge starting jan '07.

    #1 college of the canyons i am in for bridge starting january but no one knows when the class will start 3rd semester of the rn. could be september '07 or jan '08. i put this on ice for now due to the uncertainty involved with a timefrae.
    #2 pasadena city college i got in for jan '07!!! found out a few weeks ago (lottery selection)
    #3 glendale community college found out today i got in for jan '07 (lottery selection)
    #4 have not heard from yet

    oops. how does one choose between glendale vs. pasadena?

    any suggestions??

  5. by   yoginurse2b
    Pasadena: I didn't get into the generic program, but I applied again for the accelerated program, hoping to get in by Jan 07.

    Glendale: I was not selected

    College of the Canyons: I got into the new collaborative program, starting Jan 3rd 07! It suppose to be a cool program.

    Still waiting for Valley, Ventura, LA SoutWest, Harbor, Rio Hondo...etc

    Pray that I get into Valley because it's the closest to my home!
  6. by   yoginurse2b
    Kitten 79

    I heard Glendale has a very good program, but they work your a@# off!

    Pasadena is cool too...wish I have got in there though

    Either one is great!
  7. by   tm093726

    So have you decided? The NCLEX pass rate for both schools are fairly similar. Maybe you could look into both schools and see what each focuses on as far as nursing 3 and 4. I know that at Glendale you take psych nursing in addition to nurs 3 but at PCC I think they lump it all together. Hmmm. Congrats for getting into both schools. I am still waiting on RCC and Mt sac and I never received anything from Glendale, just the letter saying that they received my app. Bummer.
  8. by   carol72
    Thanks for asking about my plans. I decided to attend Pasadena starting January - tough decision.

    If I were you, I would call Glendale about acceptance. Their letters went out about 11 days ago. If you were accepted, you want to know, as the last day to accept or decline a space in their program was today.
  9. by   lucyblue67
    so did you get in to a school yet?