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I am trying to decide whether Excelsior College is the path I should take. I am hoping someone can help me! :smilecoffeecup:... Read More

  1. by   JEETERE
    I have learned that it is due to a change in the law, that private schools that serve more than 50% of students off-site can now accept federal financial aid...it was put into effect to twart diploma mills in the 80's.

    This is exciting news for folks that have financial speedbumps that prevent them from going back to school.

    I still don't know thier school code, but will post it once I do.
  2. by   txspadequeenRN
    they will be having title iv funding but those enrolled in the asn and aas programs are not eligible for it. the reason that ec gave is because the nursing program is test based not semester based. why it is not listed in the i don't know, but i do know for 100% that they are offering it. now i cant remember if they told if they were starting in fall 07 or spring 08.

    Quote from jeetere
    i read in their brochure, that they will be title iv financial aid
    qualifying as of 2007-2008--meaning you can get financial aid for
    attending there...but the code they listed is not valid, and also they don't show up on the code list at fafsa website.

    does anyone know the deal on that?
  3. by   nrse4life
    Quote from Susan103161
    Any Excelsior grads out there....I'd love to talk to someone who have graduated....I know many who are doing it, but none that have graduated.

    I graduated a year and half ago. I have no regrets! A great program if you are self disciplined.
  4. by   nrse4life
    Quote from pebbles22
    So am I can some keep me posted. I live in Ga and cant sit for boards in Ga can any one tell what states I can sit for boards if I do Excellsior. I would appreciate it thanks
    I'm from GA and I took the TN state boards.