LPN-RN Bridge Summer 2013 Georgia Highlands College - page 2

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody else has applied to Georgia Highland's LPN-RN program that starts in June? I just turned in my application yesterday. I was hoping we could encourage each other... Read More

  1. by   CLANurse
    I have asked if the information under my SCORE account means anything and I was told it does not. Mine actually said "LPN Mobility" when I was still completing my pre-reqs last fall. I applied for June and I am anxious to hear!!! Good luck!
  2. by   crobbins26
    Well darn! My friends has been like that too so that is what I assumed. Oh well we should find out soon enough. It is what it is! Thanks!
  3. by   CLANurse
    I was told that in November 2012, they accepted students with a score of 864-1203. This month, they will accept more students.
  4. by   crobbins26
    Under your major does it say pre-nursing or LPN to RN Mobility also?
  5. by   cbear85
    Mine says the LPN bridge to Nursing and Marietta campus. However, I believe those are both things I put on my original app to the school.
  6. by   cbear85
    Well, I may as well introduce myself since there are a few of us now. My name is Claire, I am 27, I live in Sandy Springs (north side of Atlanta). I am married, and my husband is a nurse too. I work in long term care, with dementia patients at a skilled nursing facillity, but hopefully only until we graduate . I am so excited and anxious to get this journey started! I am taking Microbiology, Statistics, and English Comp. II this semester, and I am so ready to be done. Do any of you work for Wellstar?
  7. by   crobbins26
    I'm Candace,26, and I live in Bremen. I am married. I work at Tanner Hospital in Carrollton on Med/Surg/Oncology floor. I technically have all my core classes except nutrition. Taking my last 2 now but I don't think they will average those which stinks. Applying at this school was a last minute thing. I don't feel too confident but whatever God wants for me will happen! I am also applying for Gadsden State and Darton College.
  8. by   crobbins26
    have you heard when they are mailing out letters yet? I want to know!
  9. by   cbear85
    Nope, haven't heard anything yet. I think I'm just gonna sit on my hands and try not to call and ask about it, so I don't drive myself crazy. I am assuming it will be sometime in the next 2 weeks. I'm just trying to stay mellow, but that's easier said than done.
  10. by   cbear85
    Okay, curiosity is killing me. Has anybody caved and called them yet to see if there is an update on when the letters are getting sent out? So much for sitting on my hands and staying mellow
  11. by   crobbins26
    I got in! Me and my cowoker both got our yellow envelopes today!
  12. by   CLANurse
    CONGRATS to you!! Did you get your letter in the mail?
  13. by   crobbins26
    I did. It came Saturday and hers also. It was in one of those big long yellow envelopes.