i need help with a maternal care plan!!!

  1. I need help with a care plan for a 28 week pregnant with a diagnosis of placenta previa who is starting to have spotting on a peri pad and is seeking prenatal care for the first time. I have come up with a nursing DX of Fear r/t threat to self and fetus. but I am having trouble coming up with goals and expected outcomes. Please any help would be awesome. Oh yea I am a male LPN trastioning to RN, with only student PN OB clinical exp.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i am so sorry i didn't see your post earlier than this afternoon! goals and outcomes for this diagnosis you have chosen would be
    • patient will be able to accurately verbalize knowledge of her current situation
    • patient will verbally report, or her behavior will show, that her fear is lessened.
    • patient will discuss her fears about herself, the baby and future pregnancies and recognize those fears that are healthy and those that are not healthy.
    i would re-word your nursing diagnostic statement to read something like this: fear r/t perceived threat of death of self (or fetus) aeb verbalized statements of this concern or symptoms of her behavior [you have to list these symptoms]

    i would also like to suggest a couple of other nursing diagnoses that you might consider using for this patient:
    • fluid volume deficit (or, risk for) [because of the loss of blood]
    • ineffective tissue perfusion: uteroplacental
    • risk for injury [in the mother for kidney damage, dic syndrome, infection, hepatitis all due to hemorrhage or consequences of transfusions]
    • acute pain [due to going in to labor]
    • knowledge deficit [regarding reason for hemorrhage, the prognosis and the treatment that is required]
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    thank you very much I was thinking along those line but second guessing myself. THANK YOU very much.
  5. by   nervousnurse
    I'm sorry I am reading this so late, too! I would've loved to help you....I am in OB now, too! Hope it all worked out for ya!