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  1. by   sarahlovesherpuppys
    Hi I wanted to ask if there is anyone that can help with my nclex pn I have taken it two times and have failed please anyone help.
  2. by   cutie194353
    try feuer nclex review course or saunders nclex pn review book
  3. by   cutie194353
    I'm just saying that these schools are in it for the money and you know dat, some instructors were helpful and care about their students and some just read off the powerpoint and wait for their paychecks at the end of the week.
  4. by   akanini
    There are good and bad teachers anywhere you go....just like there are good and bad nurses....good and bad lawyers....good and bad doctors......and blah, blah, blah....you can't please everyone and not every teacher will be the right fit for you....you have to APPLY yourself to get what you want out of anything.
  5. by   sarahlovesherpuppys
  6. by   ebbee24
    thanks for the encouragement Im planning to start soon as my school send off my transcripts... COngrats to Ya !!!
  7. by   cutie194353
    akanini I applied myself that's why I'm a nurse sweetie just like you, your ever blind or full of BS.
  8. by   akanini
    Quote from cutie194353
    akanini I applied myself that's why I'm a nurse sweetie just like you, your ever blind or full of BS.
    Congrats to you on being a nurse. As to the last part of your statement, what are you implying? Did you mean to say "You're either blind or full of BS"? Because if you did, you're wrong. Coming from a school like Veeb that charges $12,000 and you come out with quality education is not BS. I don't know how Veeb is NOW since certain instructors have left. However, I do know people that have gone to NJ and paid far more than $12,000 for LPN schools and complain. Or what about Mildred Elley charging over $20,000? Instructors have to get paid so the school as to charge. The point I"m trying to make is that Veeb had good instructors WHEN I WAS THERE. I've met many former Veeb graduates who talk about Mrs T from pharmacology, Mrs Q from HG, and Mrs L from A&P ALL THE TIME (what great instructors they were). I'm done and I will not go into a back and forth on a public forum. That's not my style because at the end of the day everyone has their own opinions and I don't come on this forum to ridicule people about being blind or full of BS. We are professionals and should not make personal remarks about each other because we don't know one another.
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  9. by   aneko
    Probably a little late to ask about this now since I start classes in Nov, but I was hoping to get opinion(s)/advice from current HF student.

    Everyone I spoke with told me I must be insane to take Nur221 & A&PI during the same semester so I wanted to find out how intense is it? I'm just nervous about failing.

    I opted for the 12months program since I only have Nursing classes and AP1,2,3 to take. I don't know, should I have opted for the 18months? I don't have any children yet, and my fiancee will be supporting me for the 12months, so currently not working either since I deferred jobs so I can get my RN in the shortest amount of time. I am justed worried about failing since I keep reading how hard/intense everything is.

    Thanks! =)
  10. by   akanini
    I did A&P and Nursing and worked five days a week. It's doable. If you have any specific questions, send me a private email.
  11. by   Laurelton2
    Hello, I will be graduating from Eastern Suffolk BOCES Nursing program in July & I would like to go straight into the Helene Fuld Nursing program in Harlem. However I got an 84 in one of my classes but im doing great in all of my other classes (all 90's). Does anyone know if I would still be able to get straight into Helene Fuld without waiting a year with those grades??
  12. by   akanini
    Sorry, but they are VERY particular about the 85. 84.5 won't even get you in without the one year. I know from experience. However, you build on your experience from working as a LPN in HF. Trust me, I KNOW. I'm a current HF student. You can PM me if you like.
  13. by   HangInThere
    Is there any truth to the rumor that Professor Greene failed 69 out of 80 students last term?