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Not to beat a dead argument however I did want to share my two cents. First and foremost the purpose of this thread is to inform students who are interested in HF's CURRENT program and learning environment not as it was years ago. Philly, you attended the school in 05 you say, and though it may not seem like long ago, things certainly have changed at the school. Youre right, Ive met with people who were students during your time and from what I hear, the school was loaded with people who cheated on exams. I too, also know one student who graduated during that time who to this day cannot pass her boards and another who took it 6 times before she passed, she too also graduated at that time. And again your right, during that time passing rates at the school were horrendous due to the fact that there were many of those of who cheated. They, as students, did themselves no justice however it helped the school in a way.The school's faculty has learned ALOT since then in terms of trying to put an end to cheating and work diligently in weeding those type of people out. It's actually a shame that it even was such a serious issue, i mean seriously, arent we all adults! I'm a former grad of 08 and never did I once cheat on exams, careplans or whatever projects were assigned because theres absolutely no point. I was also nearly an A student, so it's possible to succeed at HF or wherever else if you want to without cheating. I also passed my boards on first try as did most all in my class. As far as teachers "throwing" work at you, its an accelerated program, so it certainly does feel that way but its because it's such a short time to learn what needs to be learned. However, many of the teachers aside from one in particular always was helpful IF you showed effort to learn. Some of the teachers conducted study groups outside of class, some assisted via phone for those who couldnt stay after class, and most were compassionate about the stressful nature of an accelerated program. With all that being said, the only reason why I wouldnt recommend HF, is if you have a choice of going straight to RN and not being an LPN first. In that way you would get classes that are offered at other nursing schools that arent offered at HF like the ones you mentioned at LIU.(For the record not ALL 2 yr RN programs have those classe either) However, if one is currently an LPN looking for an accelerated program, and is willing to work HARD for it, HF is the way to go.


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Hi im going to take the entrance exam on July 29th. And help about the computer test would helpful


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Hello! I'm going to take the entrance exams in January for the April semester on 2010. I would like to know if you are guaranteed an acceptance if you pass the entrance exams and wld also like to know how the entrance exams is. I read from previous notes posted that " They waive the entrance exams if you had 85 n above on ur lpn transcripts." Is that really true?


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The entrance exam was not that bad. You just have to get the recommend text they offer on their website, and just study The math, and reading comprehension,and skip the science which is not on the test. Its real basic stuff. But just brush up on your basic nursing. This will be the longest part of the test. It will feel like your taking the NCLEX again except this one goes all the way up to 180 questions it wont stop. For you second question I was told you had to get a letter sent from your LPN school stated that you were a matriculated student, meaning you were a student that was a high achiever, and the 85 average was raised. (But you can always try to ask them they do make exceptions if you catch them on a good day). Good luck, I hope this helps.


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Thank You very much rsan, will definitely check it out. I think they recommend ATI right? Did you get in the program already?


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I am an instructor at Helene Fuld College of Nursing (HFCN) and I wanted to clear up a few facts for those who may be reading these posts and thinking of applying to HFCN.

1. The NCLEX pass rate for the most current graduating class (2009) is over 85%

2. The college's overall pass rate is about 80%

3. Over the last few years the College has implemented stricter academic policies to impact the overall pass rate on NCLEX; such as raising the passing grades in courses (78 for science and nursing; 74 for liberal arts and social science) and stricter actions for repeaters.

4. Most nursing schools have a higher passing rate (90-99%) at least in part b/c they have much more exclusive admissions policies. They skim from the top and only accept people who are virtually guaranteed to succeed. HFCN gives more people a chance, and therefore gambles with the bottom line a bit (NCLEX scores).

That being said the strongest and hardest working students can and will succeed in our accelerated program and beyond.


The program condenses 15 weeks into 9/10 weeks; four traditional fifteen-week semesters (60 weeks) are completed in four ten-week quarters (40 weeks). So being prepared, organized, focused, hard working and proactive is absolutely required in order to succeed at HFCN.

There are great people at HFCN. I encourage everyone to visit and apply!

PS The neighborhood is fine. Good transportation.

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The Nclex pass rate was a concern of mine. Thank you for clearing that up, hfcnteach.


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I am glad you cleared up the misconceptions! I am an 09 grad and proud of it. HFCN is an ADULT ACCELERATED Program. You will not be babied, as an adult we know what is expected of us. If you are looking for a good school that will treat you as the adult you are and challenge you to achieve excellence, HFCN is it!! I did not realize what a good school and how much support we actually had until I met other nursing students at an NCLEX Review course. I hear we may finally get that RN to BSN program. Woo Hoo!! Can't wait!!!

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I am also glad that you cleared up the misconceptions about HFCN...I am a current student and absolutely love it there. The program is made for adults and you must work hard and put your best effort forward if you plan to succeed. The prof. are good and always willing to help you if you don't understand something. I like the fact that it is small and you meet some really good people doing the same thing you are. Like any other school there will be those who are not satified. For me I am so happy that I choose to come here. The neighbourhood is fine, where located right next to this beautiful church and accross from a park. I take the bus at nite and I feel safe. I choose to do the part time 18mth program and will be starting Nsg 221 in April, I can't wait. Any LPN's who are interested I would suggest HFCN. Good luck!!!!

hi I am an LPN student and will graduate on august.

I plan on maintaining high grades and getting into Helene and bypassing the year of experience and other entrance tests my question is when I do that... will I stll need the prereq courses like microbio, A&P etc??


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hi guys, i just applied to the college, im schedule to take the writting test on may 3rd, and feeling a little nervous, also i just purchased the ati online program that they recommended, anybody else schedulle around the same time ? and the ones who already took it what is it like, any essay topics? planning to study hard to pass the entrance exam...


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i heard helene fuld has terrible and vindictive instructors, i don't think i can go through another VEEB without being prescribed some sort of antipsychotic

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