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  1. I have an appointment with College Network Rep. this week. I was wondering if anybody has graduated from the program. I am an LPN trying to get my RN. If anybody has any information I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Many threads in our Distance Learning / Independent Study forum
  4. by   Elle.p.enn
    I had an appointment with a rep from there last year.

    1. You "self-study" with modules that they give you, then go to a testing center to take a test, you have to set this testing center up yourself.

    2. It takes 3 years for an LPN to BSN.

    3. You have to find a nurse to precept you for the clinicals.

    I decided not to go with this, b/c a local university was cheaper, and easier to deal with, not to mention a shorter length of time.
  5. by   julvaz

    I had an appointment with CN last week. And, after reading some of the threads in the distance learinging forum I decided not to go this route. Be sure to read some of these threads before making your decision. It could save you thousands. Good luck!
  6. by   millertime8
    I am wondering about being employed in the state of Kentucky as an RN graduating from an online course. Do employers like for their nurses to go to regular clasess?
  7. by   chosenchocolate
    Nursepanther, CN has 2 options for getting your RN. (I know Ive explored many options) the first being a degree offered through Excelsior College and the second is a degree from Indiana State. CN is not a school cannot award a degree but simply a publishing co. that supplies material to study for exams from EC and Indiana State. If U choose Excelsior College route via College Network u will have to take about 6 basic courses and 7 nursing exams. At the end u will have a 2 1/2 day clinical to complete. Clinical very stressful and allows little to no room for error but it can be done. If successful u will have associates degree RN. Indiana State u pay around 200 to 300 dollars per credit hour per course. Ex. if u take English 3 hr course, u will pay $200 x 3= $600. Very expensive. There are more courses to take through Ind. State but you will be awarded a B.S degree in RN. Through E.C college network does not offer any preparationfor 2 1/2 day clinical it will be up to u to take prep course for clinical. Clinicals for Ind. State will be done at a hospital near u by a preceptor. Whatever u decide I wish u the best. I'll esteem u as U esteem me!
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Beware! The College Network is not an LPN-to-RN program. The College Network is nothing more than an overpriced publishing company engaged in the business of selling materials that eventually lead to an Excelsior College degree. Therefore, Excelsior College is really the school you're dealing with.

    Most people are able to earn their LPN-to-RN bridge degree from Excelsior College without going through expensive publishing companies such as the College Network and RUE. Buyer beware!
  9. by   Vida
    Yeah...definetly look into the difference in cost...I, excited at the chance to finally take an RN program, signed with the COllege Network much too quickly. I am just finding out that I already have alot of the required textbooks, thanks to my lpn program, and have found many others alot cheaper used.
    The cheaper way for me to do it, by a few grand would go straight through Excelsior......interesting my 'faculty support' type email people wont write me back when I ask about cancelling my contract!!! :trout:
  10. by   Vida
    Ok so they finally wrote me back...there's no way out of the tcn contract after you sign have three days. Thats it.
    I suck. Go find the guides on ebay and save $4000!!!!!

  11. by   Russ17821
    I am looking at LPN to RN options also. Has anyone had a good exxperience with The College Network?
  12. by   caliotter3
    Why pay College Network or Rue or any of the others that have been around through the years thousands of dollars when you can buy their used study guides on ebay for less?
  13. by   mermaidnurse
    thanks for all your posts! its so confusing to know how to gather all the options! has anyone looked into chancellors? or is this another middleman?
  14. by   caliotter3
    Chancellors is another publishing company or middleman as you put it. I thought I read somewhere on one of these posts that they might not exist anymore.