balancing full-time work and studying

  1. Hi allnurses,
    Is anyone else struggling to get into studying aling with working full-time. Today is supposed to be a marathon study day for me, however I am recoverying from the last three days of twelve hour shifts and woke up with a migraine and inability to focus or concentrate.
    I know this is what I signed up for...but I feel wiped out and hope I can pull this off with a 4.0 that I need.
    Any suggestions? I am usually too tired to even look at notes on work nights. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   CMLPN08
    I haven't started yet just inquired about school this week but I know when I start it's going to be difficult. I plan on sleeping when I can studying as much as I can in between patients at work, using energy drinks or supplements. I too work 2 12s then a 8hr shift w a day off then Another 8 hr so it'll take time plus I have to kids one whose in school & a arm baby.
  4. by   HappyWife77
    Yes, I'm figuring out my body and learning to listen to it. I ended up resting and taking it easy today and staying up tonight with a few expressos to boost my concentration. A prayer before starting my studies always helps too. I will do whatever it takes because I want this wholeheartedly. Best wishes!
  5. by   NamasteN
    You are asking too much of yourself. Having been through nursing school (LPN) I cannot imagine trying to work full time and school full time. You will be draining yourself and getting sick. (migraines for one) Can you possibly work part-time? There are only so many hours in a week. Maybe you can take out a student loan to cover living expenses? If you really want to become an RN you need to be able to focus on the content and learn the material otherwise when you get to the NCLEX it will not have set in. Try to re-arrange your schedule. You and your future career deserve it!
  6. by   HappyWife77
    Iam actually only doing 7 credit hours so its not full
  7. by   HappyWife77
    Time. :-)
  8. by   thedewey
    I am in the same boat. Work full time and trying to juggle nursing school too as well as other prereq classes for my BSN. I find it best for me to wake up early and get a little bit of studying in before work/school. It is hard to study at the end of the day but I just eat dinner then start studying with little breaks here and there. I find I retain the information better if I give myself about a 5 minute break every hour or so. I also record lectures and listen to them in my car on the way to work etc. and I also take a page of notes with me everywhere I go so I can look at it while eating lunch or any time I have a chance to look at it throughout the day. Good luck it is not easy. I so wish I didnt have to work and could just study and not have to have all the stress that work brings along with it!