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  1. My school has purchased a program called ATI Testing that is supposed to prepare us for the NCLEX-RN. Has anyone used this program and is it an effective study tool and predictor of Board succes. (This is what our instructors have told us.)
    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   Jules A
    Yeah thats what they say.
  4. by   BerryHappy
    Hey there, my instructor says that of her 7 students who did not pass their 5th (we have 8) ATI, five of them did NOT pass boards. My school uses thev ATI's to bounce students out of the program, or at least repeat the section you fail, which helps them keep their boards passing average above 95%. Basically, if you can't pass the ATI tests, you can't graduate, you won't fail the boards on their watch. They are basically do or die tests for us.
    Good Luck!
  5. by   WahooRN08
    It's a great asset if your school actually uses it. We had it for the fall semester and it was never touched. Our school purchased it due to a 70% board pass rate last year. Glad I am already an LPN it helps a bit with the test taking skills. Anyway, ATI is great, use it. It also helps you prepare for your classroom exams. Check in the book to see if it is the same publisher for some of your text book: Wong's Pediatric book is used for the PEDs ATI and the Adult Health/Med Surg follows Elsevier's text. Great way to summarize if you are crushed for time. Good luck to ya!
  6. by   Rexie68
    my school also uses ati testing.....and it counts toward your grade. i like the books...they summarize well. and the tests are a great practice for nclex.
  7. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    We are doing the ATI testing. Our program director wants us to get a 90% (before mid- March) on both the rational and no rational questions. I have been an LVN for 18 years and I was not very happy with my first score- 79% (no rationales).

    I am just beginning my last semester of transition from LVN to RN so I have a little more to learn. It's just so darned hard to have been in the "real world of nursing" for so long and then to switch to the oh so not realistic "school world of nursing". I am trying though... Next time, I am going to do it with the rationales so I can see where I went wrong. I think it will be a good tool to use.
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  8. by   Mamanurse62
    Our school used ATI, there were ones that we had to pass and some we didn't but the ones we did have to pass we got 3 chances, but thank God I passed all of them. I too had been a LPN working in the real world for a long time, and once I realized how to take nursing tests I did much better. I thought just because I new the material I could pass the test (class room tests included) I suggest getting the book, "Test for Success" or a similar that maybe your instructor could suggest, and learn how to test. I did, and it made a huge difference in my class room performance as well. I graduated in Dec 07 and took NCLEX on Jan 12 08. I passed! Good luck! You can do it!!
  9. by   tina_the_nurse
    The ATI is a requirement at the BSN school that I attend. We take a seperate ATI for each major clinical area ie Foundations, Mom/Baby, Peds,Pharm, Med Surg, Leadership, Mental Health and an Exit ATI. We are required to obtain a 90% on the unproctored exam before we can sit for the proctored exam and then must achieve a 70% on the proctored exam. If we do not pass at a 70% we have one chance to retake the exam or we fail that class.

    So for all of you who have it as part of your grade or as practice, you are fortunate. I can say it has prepared me for NCLEX like no other class could and adds the all or none pressure to it as well. I do feel however, it is a good tool for RNs to have to assess their ability to pass the NCLEX. My only complaint is that it determines a pass or fail in an 8 credit/16 week class which is a 9000 dollar mistake at the school I attend.
  10. by   Rexie68 ADN program has the same requirements as your program. Even though I challenged OB and Peds with the NLN test and passed both, so I didn't have to take those classes or clinicals, I still have to take the practice ATI tests and pass with a 90% and then take the actual ATI test and pass with a 70% before I can continue with classes next semester. The scores also counts towards the students grades in nursing. It really is great practice for NCLEX. We'll get through this!!
  11. by   TimBukWho?
    We use these tests and I like it. I like being able to get a feel for how I'm doing over all. The questions are based on NCLEX types of questions and it really helps you to know whether or not you've grasped the subject matter. I'm in an LPN program, set to graduate May 30, but have a friend who just finished her BSN and they utilized ATI in their program as well. I like how it shows you which content area you need to review. Even if you pass the test, it's helpful to know what areas to brush up on since the NCLEX could ask more questions from that area. It is a pretty good indicator of how you will do on you NCLEX. The pass score we have (which is pretty consistent with other programs in the area) is 70% on proctored exams. I have heard of 75% pass scores with a couple of colleges in there area though. If you fail a proctored exam you must score a 95% on two non-proctored exam on the same subject matter.
  12. by   skittles01
    For the few of you who took the ATI, what study materials did you use to help you prepare. I'm graduating in a couple of weeks and scheduled to take shortly after graduating.
  13. by   tina_the_nurse
    I used the books and dvds from ATI to study. Each content area has its own book as well as DVD. Both are a valuable asset and thoroughly prepared me for taking the NCLEX. Each section also comes with review questions that help you study the content. I had listed the complete set of books and dvds (ATI charges over $400 for the set) on ebay (mine were $125 for everything)and if you are interested I will relist them if you would like. Let me know and good luck studying...
  14. by   skittles01
    I have the books and cd's. I just thought there might be something else out there just to help me prepare me a little better.