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I've heard a lot of the online LPN to RN programs arent accepted in many states. Has anyone had any experience with these programs and what was your experience in getting them accepted by your board... Read More

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    the study guides aren't cheap (much more expensive than text books from what I understand. The estimate was approx $600-$800 per 'customized study module' in 2011 when I sat through a 'presentation' by a TCN rep) , but it is my understanding that because ISU is a state school they cannot require you to purchase customized study guide unless you fail an exam. So the key is don't fail. There are many resources available to use when preparing for a CLEP or nursing exam. The key is learning how to find them.

    The rep I encountered was rather slick and was a prime example of each type of linguistic double speak I learned when I took a syntax and linguistic course in college years ago. Very difficult to get a direct, accurate answer. He implied they had a direct affiliation with Excelsior (which they do not, and have been formally notified that they must stop implying and/or stating that there is a relationship between TCN & Excelsior). It was a very entertaining presentation to sit through to say the least.

    Online, self-study, and distance education is NOT for everyone. You must be self-disciplined and motivated and be able to accountable for your own actions (or in-actions). There is support available, but not in the same way as in person classroom style. Some people thrive in self-directed learning and do very well. Others need the structure and regimen of a classroom setting. The key is knowing which type of learner you are.
    They are expensive. When I thought about doing my BSN through them, I met with a rep and they wanted $9500 up front (that was a discount!) and then some time later they wanted another $9500, plus the study guides, etc. Although this one answered my questions.
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    The problem with on online nursing program is that the influence and interaction of your teachers and with the other students and family members is really important. Sometimes your teachers are the only thing in school that changes you from a regular person into a nurse. They share a little piece of their heart and soul with you and this changes you. This kind of thing can't happen online. As I go about my work, the voices and words of my teachers are always in my mind and this is what helps me survive. They had to know me in person before they could teach me anything.

    If you have find a hospital to do clinicals in, there are usually a lot of staff members who are not cut out to be teachers or to work with someone who is new to the profession. This is already hard enough when you go to a school where they are not just there to rip you off.
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    kHI , I looking to correspond with some who is doing excelsior and who live in NEW YORK in the BRONX
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    There is an affiliation, however you are not required to go through the college network nor required to purchase the modules from them. You can purchase the study guides from ISU
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    From New York, Don't do it.
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    Oh and by the way, the College Network and RUE are also themselves are a rip off and some of the biggest scams since Jim and Tammy Baker. Anyone who's gone through them will tell you so.