Any advice on obtaining RN in Texas?

  1. Hello all,

    I am a practicing, male nurse (LVN) of 13 yrs who lives in Texas. I have a BS and MA in another subject;however, I want obtain my RN license in Texas as quick as possible. I am not a good canidate for self study courses. Specifically, I never know where I will wind up in life so I want to take clinicals for the experience. I do not currently work or plan on working in a direct care/clinical setting. Additionally,I am not interested in ever being in a management role. Any advice on quickly obtaining my RN license? Thanks in advance.

    You wouldn't believe the run around I have been getting.
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    I happen to live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, where many LVN-to-RN bridge programs exist. Here's a list of all of the bridge programs that I can think of in DFW, North Texas, Central Texas, and East Texas:

    1. Tarrant County College, Fort Worth (LVN-to-RN)
    2. El Centro College, Dallas (LVN-to-RN)
    3. Brookhaven College, Farmers Branch (LVN-to-RN)
    4. Tarleton State University, Stephenville (LVN-to-BSN)
    5. Weatherford College, Weatherford (LVN-to-RN)
    6. Hill College, Cleburne (LVN-to-RN)
    7. Navarro College, Corsicana (LVN-to-RN)
    8. Trinity Valley Community College, Kaufman (LVN-to-RN)
    9. North Central Texas College, Gainesville (LVN-to-RN)
    10. Northeast Texas Community College, Mount Pleasant (LVN-to-RN)
    11. Grayson County College, Denison (LVN-to-RN)
    12. Paris Junior College, Paris (LVN-to-RN)
    13. Angelina College, Jasper (LVN-to-RN)
    14. Texarkana College, Texarkana (LVN-to-RN)
    15. Cisco Junior College, Abilene (LVN-to-RN)
    16. Angelo State University, San Angelo (LVN-to-RN)
    17. McLennan College, Waco (LVN-to-RN)
    18. Central Texas Community College, Killeen (LVN-to-RN)
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    Wow, Dallas does have a lot of LVN-RN programs. This will really help me. Thank you very much.
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    Quote from tym21
    Wow, Dallas does have a lot of LVN-RN programs. This will really help me. Thank you very much.
    You've very much welcome.
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    do you happen to know any in Houston Texas?
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    i hope these help you.
    north harris montgomery community college district, 2700 w. thorne dr., 77073. 281-618-5400.
    houston baptist university, 7502 fondren, 77074-3298. 281-649-3430. houston community college system, 6815 rustic ave., 77085. 713-718-7300
    san jacinto college south, 13735 beamer, 77089. 281-484-1900.
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    This is a good site but some of the information is outdated...

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    Quote from txspadequeen921
    This is a good site but some of the information is outdated...
    oops, thanks for the update Queenie
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    Not sure if you are looking for a BSN or just RN, but the Am College of Nursing Schools is a good resource and has a more comprehensive list here -

    I have a BS/MS in other disciplines myself, looking to fast track it to BSN, hopefully in Houston area. To be honest I'm also considering PA schools, but I've got several science pre-reqs to pick up first either way.

    Good luck!