am i wrong? or a bad person?

  1. please help me , am I wrong ro a bad person for no longer wanting to be a nurse? I mean I still do but, now that i'm finally finished with nursing school I feel like i'm not good enough to be a nurse or at less a good nurse.When I first started school I was so excited about becoming nurse finally after trying to get in a nursing school for years.But because it took me two years vice the one it should have taken plus all of the nice nurses that didn't want to help me ,us in our internship .It's hard to continue being nice to every one when it seems like no one was being nice to us the students.The nurses were acting as if i was there to steal their jobs ,when I all I wanted was some exsperince.I mean I don't live anywhere near the places I did my internship I lived atleast an hour and ahalf away. so please help me get my faith in nursing .I don't want become a robot nurse.One secret: I took state boards and failed .I was sad and happy becauuse I didn't have to work with the nurses who I am so afraid of becoming.I'm good nurse ,just human.
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  3. by   SCgirl1962
    If you truly enjoy the patient aspect of nursing, then forget about the treatment from the nurses you met while training. Unfortunately, sometimes it's true that "nurses eat their young". Maybe it's because most hospital nurses are overworked and it does take time and lots of energy to mentor a new graduate / nurse in training. But like I said, if you really have the heart to be a nurse, go for it. Retake your boards. Just because you didn't pass the first time doesn't mean that you wouldn't be a good nurse. When you do pass and get out into the nursing field, make a committment to be a good role model and take new nurses / nursing students under your wing. You'll find that it's very rewarding.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Were you already an LPN in an LPN-to-RN program? Just trying to help you get this post in the forum where you will get the most responses.

    It's not uncommon for students to be so tired at the end of a program that they aren't too excited to start working as nurses. Add to that poor experiences in clinicals and an NCLEX failure and I think you're bound to feel discouraged.

    Hang in there. If you decide to give the NCLEX another shot, take a look at our NCLEX Discussion Forum below.
  5. by   myebel
    Just wanted to say thank you for the words of encouragement.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I was treated rudely as a student by more experienced nurses, yet it didn't deter me from wanting to become a nurse. After all, I devoted too much time, energy and money to flush my dreams down the toilet. I would at least start working as a nurse and give yourself a chance before saying those final words, "I no longer want to be a nurse." Good luck!