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:yeah:I'm currently a LPN that needs some help I heard from many people that there's a bridge program in Atlanta, Ga where you only meet once a week and finish your degree in nine months. I need the... Read More

  1. by   tobesmartt
    I need to find out about other programs as well. what is out there? I need to make more money. I have (I think , a learning deficit) My testing skills are awful. What shall I do?
  2. by   nurse_69
    ABAC in Tifton Georgia has LPN to RN.You attend one day a week and get your RN in three semesters.Of course all prerequisites need to be completed as required by the school. If you are determined to get your RN,you can get it there.A friend of mine already has done it.Good luck!
  3. by   nurse_69
    As an LPN, you already have the skills needed to be a valuable RN.Don't let anyone fool you.You just have to know how to sell yourself whether you are a nine or twenty four month student.Think positive.
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  4. by   nurse_69
    Quote from epnurse0796
    Georgia Perimeter's LPN to RN is beginning Jan 2011.

    It is 3 semesters and you are done. There is one evening a week classroom and 1 day a week clinic.

    After reading all of the other post I have to say....

    This program may NOT be for everyone, ie those saying they have been a LPN for +10 years and do not feel it would be enough time.

    However, I am so thankful the program is back in place because there are those, like myself, who are comfortable. I have a lot of medical experience not to mention a higher understanding. The program I completed my LPN through taught on an RN level. I function above the RNs I work with daily and they come to me.
    I'm glad you said what you said.That's because in Georgia LPNS CAN do anything that RNS do.The exceptions are for specific facilities.The BON does not restrict GA LPNs from doing anything.Wake up GA LPNs and read the BON website.Now go back and get your RN if you want but if you remain a LPN...get the respect you deserve.
  5. by   Wandie
    Mandylpn, What school are you attending? i like that part time option.
  6. by   Wandie
    What is the name of the RN program you attended?
  7. by   blackbarbie
    Quote from tobesmartt
    I need to find out about other programs as well. what is out there? I need to make more money. I have (I think , a learning deficit) My testing skills are awful. What shall I do?

    I Read your post. Noticed your name. You ARE SMART already. Test taking may not come easy, but there are ways to deal with that. You may not grasp things as quickly as others, since you feel you have a learning deficit, but that just means you put in more work until you get it. Wish you the best
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  8. by   demylenated
    The RN bridge program I am going to is 3 semesters. The transition semester and the final year of RN school. I spent 2 semesters getting my pre-reqs, though... the 3 semesters to complete my RN are ALL nursing classes...

    Most CC offer a bridge program... all are different though.. most are 3 semesters + pre-reqs. I know in VA, tidewater cc and such, you have to have received your LPN within 5 years, though or start over - which seems backwards to me - because the longer you have hands on, the more you learn... but I guess you forget some of the "book material." But, that is why the transition class in imperative, 5 days a week for at least 6 weeks, and from what I've heard DIFFICULT... but, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. by   RED 28
    sandypalma what school are you refering to in chicago??????????
  10. by   lost122
    Quote from sandypalma
    once a week. i dont know..in chciago we have a bridge brogram and u finish in 9months but u meet 4 days a week...

    Was wondering if you could tell me the name of the school. I'm also in chicago been really looking for schools that offer bridge program. Would really appreciate your reply please