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Does anyone out there know how one would apply for the LPN program at CCRI? I have emailed quite a few people over there and I am not getting any answers. Also, what other programs are there in RI?

Any information on LPN programs would be welcome. I am thinking of doing as a bridge to the ADN hoping that it would make me a more attractive candidate for the ADN program. What do you think?

Thank you all in advance!


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Hi, there is no application for the LPN program at CCRI. You would apply to the nursing program. You must complete Nursing 1 with at least a 75 and move forward to Nursing 2. If you complete Nursing 2 with at least a 75 you can move onto Nursing 4 if you complete Nursing 2 with a "D" you have 2 choices you can repeat Nursing 2 after the chair allows you to and you do whatever remediation they choose, usually its a pathophys class OR you can move onto Nursing 3 which is the LPN program and is held always over the summer at the end of the course you are awarded a diploma and can sit for the Nclex-LPN. After you work as an LPN for at least a year you can reapply to CCRI to complete Nursing 4 and 5 to be awarded your ADN.


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Thank you for answering me. I found out the same thing from one of the higher ups much to my chagrin. I don't see the logic in making it ADN acceptance mandatory before you can pursue the LPN program for which standards, as far as I'm concerned (based on my lay knowledge) should be lower. I know that sounds condescending, but isn't it more difficult to become an RN than an LPN?

oh well - so the LPN idea is out of the question. I'm getting disgusted. I do have a few plan B s in the making, however. - Bristol Communit College and whatever other Massachusetts nursing school I can find that is not too far from Providence. So we'll see.

Thanks again.


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No problem, good luck.


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Theres an lpn school in Franklin MA called Tri county regional Tech.