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i dont know why i failed my lpn entrance exam.............i need advise please:cry:


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I'm sorry you didn't pass the entrance exam. what exam was it the ATI or hesi?


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you can buy study guides for the LPN entrance exam. ATI has their own and its great, otherwise buy the book and put an hour or two into it every night and take it again.


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thanks for replying ...its the TEAS and i bought the book i still dont understand how i failed it ,i was told is my reading and i have to wait till next year before i can take retake the test in same school.

and i really wanted this so much .


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I am so sorry to hear that. I also found the TEAS confusing. Usually I do fairly well in the Eng/Reading portion (atleast average) and not so well on the math. That was completely the opposite when I took the TEAS. I didn't even feel like the English part was hard, but I tested almost as low as I could to still get in the program. On the other hand, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing in the Math, but score fairly well. I was just going to for an interview, and they sprung the test on me so I wasn't prepared, and I figured that had something to do with it.

Are there any other local schools you could apply to? I know with my school they told me that I could take it twice.... Thats crazy that you have to wait untill next year!


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i've taken several computerized and regular entrance exams in the past couple years and they never fail to confound me. i've passed them all but have come out of all of them feeling like a total dumb *$#@.

considering i'm proficient in math, the sciences (i've got an undergrad degree in biology), and english (i'm a reader and love new words), i am not kidding when i say that i'm surprised when i get results.

some of my pet peeve questions:

word associations where there are 2 words that either are similar sounding, similar spelling or otherwise close or not close but seem like they should be, and you have to determine if they are: (a) the same, (b) opposite, or © not related. yowzaa!

and goofy math questions where you're given word problems. an example is mary and julie go to the store. mary has twice as much money as julie and spends it in half the time. how much money did julie spend if she has $3 left over?

and dividing decimals. having to count over to the right so many spaces.....yikes! i haven't done that kinda stuff in years. proper fractions, improper fractions, multiplying fractions, invert and multiply to divide a fraction...

and the science part: metamorphic rock, components of the earth's crust, how much of the earth is covered in fresh water? moon spots, black holes. what are the building blocks of proteins (amino acids, yay! i know an answer!).

all the while the little clock in the corner of the computer screen is ticking...

so my palms sweat, my heart rate increases and i'm not liking any of it. i'd rather be walking barefoot over red-hot coals or bungee jump off the golden gate bridge.

i've yet to complete a test a computerized test. 75 questions in 12 minutes and the computer shuts off. i've maybe completed 55.

what exactly am i being tested for? my general knowledge of all things insignificant in the universe?

how is it that the results of this test can determine my, or someone else's future?

needless to say, i am not looking forward to taking the nclex! :hlk:


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thanks for replying ...its the TEAS and i bought the book i still dont understand how i failed it ,i was told is my reading and i have to wait till next year before i can take retake the test in same school.

and i really wanted this so much .

That's what i took the ati teas exam. our school lets you take it 3 times in a year then you'll have to retest. that exam is so crazy. i don't know why they require an entrance exam anyways. too me it doesn't mean anything. many students have flunked out of the nursing program that passed the entrance exam. i say let prospective students test out in math only and that should be over fractions, decimals,... that stuff. or have them take a dosage calculations class and test. other things on those exams like the teas are irrelevant to nursing PERIOD.

Good luck to you and i wish you all the best.


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Hi All,

I don't want to sound dumb, but are these entrance exams for a community college or a private school??


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i've taken them for community colleges, tech schools and for private schools.

TEAS, NET were the two most common one's i've taken. all are basically the same.


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:stonethank you all for the reply ...........now i know am not alone in this ....the school is scti NJ. looking for another lpn school that i can repeat my exam.study hard this time . i dont know any lpn school that i can go and repeat the exam in Nj.

the teas is for community college ,private and tech schools .

Yvonne D

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Hello, not sure if this may help..I've had to take some timed test before even allowed to take the LPN/LVN pre entrance exam. I learned www.freetest.com has helped....I m a bit scared to take the pre entrance exam!!!! oh, the web site that I found help for the 50questions in 12mins is www.wonderlictest.com....good luck!!!

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