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LPN/Nursing Home Administrator

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I am a LPN who is working in my Bachelors in Health Administration. I will be done by next summer. I was wondering if there are in any LPN's who have taken this route and have taken the state licensure tests to become Nursing Home Administrators and are gainfully employed?


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I am curious about this as well, I've toyed with the idea of going this route myself.

I've put some thought about this route as well.

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What a great idea. But keep in mind that you will still need to have an RN DON to supervise and evaluate nursing care. I think that no one should be able to become a NHA without really understanding what LTC is all about.... so experience as an LP/VN would be ideal.

Thank you for your comment :) yes I do understand ltc. So I imagine I have a heads up on that part. I would still need a RN as my DON regardless. However, I will go back to get my BSN, in a while as well.


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I've known NHAs/LNHAs who were also nurses & social workers. I did like them as they had a more realistic understanding of LTC having come up through the ranks.

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In 2008 I worked at a long term care facility under an administrator who had an LVN license. She also had a non-nursing baccalaureate degree that qualified her to complete our state's licensed nursing facility administrator program and practicum.