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LPN moving to Florida-where to go??


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My husband and are finally going for it and moving to Florida!! Kids are grown and gone and my husband closed his business so we decided to go for it! My questions are these:

1. Where would be the best place for an LPN to get a job. I have worked in Rehab in a hospital here in Indiana.

2. What areas stay warm all year or at least close to warm - I am coming from Indiana so anything over 30 is warm to me in the winter!!

3. Any really unsafe cities?

What we want is the beach and some great places to eat, as we are older not into the club scene-LOL!

Thanks in advance for all your help. :heartbeat


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I live in Clearwater, on the gulf coast. The coldest I've seen it get here was last winter when it went down to 28 for a few nights. Last winter was unseasonably cold, I lost a lot of my garden to the hard freezes. A normal winter here doesn't get colder than 42.

But...summers are stifling with highs of 92 and high humidity for close to 6 months of the year. Summer lasts from mid-May through the end of October. Ideally, it would be perfect to live in Indiana in the summer and Florida in the winter.

It might take you some time to find an ideal job. Hospitals don't hire LPNs. There are LPN jobs in rehab, LTC, hospice and home health.

Come down for a nice long visit and explore the state before you make a decision on where to settle.

In Jacksonville, the only hospitals that hire LPN's are Specialty Hospital and Brooks (which is a rehab hospital). I believe Brooks are everywhere though, not exclusive to Jacksonville, but I could be wrong. We enjoy decent weather most of the time, humidity can be bad at times. Crime in Jacksonville is high, but Clay County and St. John's County is not far and it is considerably safe.


Specializes in Revenue Integrity, Rehab, RAC Auditor. Has 35 years experience.

Thanks all, never heard of Brooks so I will check them out, also how are the Kindred rehabs down there?? As for summers in Indiana they are in the 90's and very humid too but at least in Florida I will have the beach!!

Thanks again for the info!!:specs::specs: