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I am not sure about the iv therapy. I would imagine if your license is accepted that would be also. CFCC in Ocala offers it. It is where I took mine. Easy class. Easy instructor. On housing, yes it is possible to find something you have mentioned under $ 60,000. One of your best options coming to the area is to check into lease option or rent temp until you can physically go around and check out the properties and also see the areas for yourself. My husband and I when we came down in 93, rented for 7 months, then bought a mobile home on 1 and 1/2 acres of land. We financed it through the owner and paid it off in 4 years. We then bought the property we are in now for under $50K. We have over 3 1/2 acres and live in a renovated barn looking home. The parkway is coming in soon and we have more than tripled our money. Check out the foreclosures however the best way is try and get an owner before it goes into foreclosure. You also have to remember this being Florida, you have alot of people who retire here and unfortunately die and their family members from out of state are willing to sell with owner financing and to sell at a discounted cost. I gave you a name prior of a real estate agent but my best advice is to try and get some vacation time and come down here and check our the area. You cn also check out the different hospitals and other facilities in the area and get a better idea of where you want to work as well as where you want to live. Good luck. If you have any more questions please let me know.


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I am a LPN in Missouri and am also considering the move to Florida...it seems like there are a lot of nurses here considering that move. Thanks for all the information you have provided thus far. I am not sure exactly were I would be going but most likey around the Vero Beach area. I will be making the move with a horse, so if any one has information about horse cost (hay, land, watering, etc.). Right now I am working in a school and love it. I have never worked in a hospital and don't really care for LTC. I have worked in clinics and enjoy that. I have also done a lot of work in the caribbean and in central america. I did check out the site listed earlier and it does look like I quailify for the licensure endorsment. If any one has more information, I would be interested in hearing it and thankful for it.


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You asked about housing. Homosassa is a good area just a few minutes away from where we live. Something else to keep in mind is Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center. It's just up the road from Homosassa on 19 north of Crystal River. Housing varies. It depends on what you want. Mobile homes, double wides and modulars run cheaper of course than housing. It runs the spectrum. Try a search of the web based on the newspaper, Chronicle. Sunday is their day for real estate. A real estate agent you can talk to is Janice Ayers, 352-795-0487. She is very good. We got our home through her. You can also search real estate sites in Citrus County. Good Luck

I am moving to Homoassa , Fl this month. Are there any agencies there??? I tried aleast 6 NH in the area and I cannot get hired . I have 27 yrs and am currently a director of Clinical records and utilization review PPS , CMI my specialty .I also have a degee in paralegal am I too qualified for the area ???

HELP !!!! the wages are a big problem in Florida something I did not count on and I just don't know how I am going to afford it .


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Hey Mickie, mine went surprisingly fast though I don't know if it was due to my already living here or not. School transcripts/prior BON all come into play. Just make sure U send everything certified. LOL I had my "official" license within a 5 weeks and my goodness the State of Fl does send out such nice certificates.

I have been commuting to Tampa/St Pete area and making $16.00 with Hospice (12 hour shifts), and $20.00 doing corrections, $20.00 doing nursing homes (8 hours). Around Ocala and Gainesville I make $20 in the nursing homes and corrections. Of course all these are agency gigs, but I love to pick up own schedule.

I know Gainesville has a State Institution for the DD and another in Ft. Meyers, another somewhere around Miami. As for the private sector of DD, not really using LPN's that I have found, they have the med-aides doing that under RN s


:) HI, i was reading your previous postings and noticed you work in the ocala area. I am an LPN relocation to the Ocala area in June. You said you work for an agency. Could you please give me more information on the agency you use..how you got started....what corrections involve ( an area i have been thinking seriously about ). I have worked LTC since is was 18 and for the past 7 years as supervisor on the 7-3 shift. I would greatly appreciate any help and direction you can give me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You


please respond to my email address in my profile!!


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I worked as an LPN through agency at 22 an hour at zeph.correctional facility. They hire inside at 20 an hour and awesome state benefits. Also Most acute care nursing homes pay about 16-19 an hour and I have worked them from Tampa to Brandon to Plant City to Lakeland to Orlando right now!


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I will be moving within the next two months. I have interveiwed with LTC and have been offered three different positions wages starting from 18.25 to 21.25. Good benifits and three months free rent and utilities. They were also willing to pay for me to get my Florida license but I already have that. Just waiting for them to finish my background check.


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I worked as an LPN through agency at 22 an hour at zeph.correctional facility. They hire inside at 20 an hour and awesome state benefits. Also Most acute care nursing homes pay about 16-19 an hour and I have worked them from Tampa to Brandon to Plant City to Lakeland to Orlando right now!

i was reading your reply. what is zeph. correctional facility????????? what agency did you use????????????? What is inside hiring?????? From what i have been reading the pay scale is much less than here unless you are with an agency. We are moving to Ocala and will be in our home the first part of August. The one LTC facility i went into left me less than impressed. The smell of urine hit us like a brick wall the minute I walked in. I definately want to try for corrections. If necessary i will go back into LTC until something else comes along. Hope to hear from you soon.



Specializes in Corrections, Psych, Crisis Stabilization.

Well here is a more updated Pay Scale for Ocala.

Places like Hawthorne Village, TimberRidge, New Horizion and Palm Gardens will start you off GN at 19 to 22/hr.

Marion County Jail-18/hr (across the board)

Corrections(Prisons) 16/hr with Benies, 21-24 without

Hospitals, as an LPN, you will not make very good.

*CMH-told me 15 with diff for nights

*Seven Rivers-told me 14.50 with benies

*MRMC and ORMC-refuses to hire LPNs. If they do, you will be considered a Patient Care Tech II. SERIOUSLY! and paid 11/hr.

*Gainesville- The shortage in the Nursing homes are sooooo bad, that they start our with 24/hr and allow you to make your own schedule. I mean yes, there is UF there who kicks out 40 nurses each semester, but those girls with their BSN do not want to work in a Nsg Home. They usually go to Shands.

HealthSouth(Spring Hill)-19-25/hr. Rehab Hospital

OakHill Hospital-Very Pretty one too. In Brooksville. 12-14/hr

......so its all about where u want to work. I am sorry, but I spent too much time in Nursing school to come out making the same as someone at Walmart. I chose a job to benefit my lifestyle. If I happen to enjoy what I do(and I love corrections), then its a BONUS!



This is were I am going to apply when I get out of school.

Specializes in Corrections, Psych, Crisis Stabilization.

Well I have worked in Corrections in Marion, Citrus, Union, Lake, Sumter and Alachua Counties. I ABSOLUTELY love it. You will know on your first day if Corrections is for you.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have worked for numerous facilities and may can be of assistance. Good Luck and let me know how your first day goes.

PS-Remember "God may bring you to the Prison, but its the inmates that let you go home". Remember that and you'll be fine.

Well Wishes.:yeah:

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