Should I continue my degree in heath care management or just pursue my LPN??

  1. In order to be successful at a health care management field I would need to pursue a masters after this. I am 89 credits into to getting my degree in this field, need 120 to graduate. Should I just sock this and start an lpn program?? I live in NY and jobs are scarce in just about any field. I have been unemployed for 6 months. Im not sure what to do this point as I am 30 years old with a husband and 4 year old son and have no time to waste???

    What else can I pursue as a career in health care management??

    Or do LPN ????

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  3. by   MTmomofsix
    Depends really on what you want to do most. I am assuming you are close to getting your BSN? If it were me i would complete your BSN. If it is not a BSN that you will be getting and have a passion to be a nurse, not an administrator, then go for the LPN. It will take a year to 16 months normally before you can practice.

    I have a BA degree, but did not want to do the extra credits to switch to a bachelors of science and THEN get my RN, so I chose the LPN route. After i graduate next march i will look into the bridge program from LPN to RN.

    Hope that helped a bit.
  4. by   mckinneygrl
    Im not sure how things are where you live, but the job market for LVN's in Texas is ZERO!!!! It is even tough to find a job with "just" an ADN. Everyone here wants a BSN!
  5. by   Kdrenee
    LVN jobs in Houston area where I live are not hard to come by at all. There's a new one posted almost daily in the newspaper. Even some in the hospital in baytown..
  6. by   WideOpenHeart
    What about finishing and then getting a BSN through an accelerated program?

    Or you could even just finish, then do your LPN, THEN do a bridge program to complete your BSN...

    (Which is what it looks like I'll be doing.)

    Then, you'll be very well positioned for management, with your HCM degree AND a BSN.
  7. by   Ginger88
    I agree with Open Wide Heart. I got a HCM degree 4 years ago and I'm starting nursing school this Aug. My experiences with the HCM degree have been so awful I could probably write a book and make more money off of it than I have in the last 4 years.
  8. by   HouTx
    Honestly guys, I don't know of anyone with a HCM degree that was able to get a job in that area. "Managers" are usually promoted from the ranks of existing employees in clinical areas & in non-clinical areas, discipline-specific degrees (e.g., biomedial engineering, HIM, etc) are required. In financial areas, an accounting degree, MBA (with health care specialization) or MHA is required. Most organizations are now requiring nurse managers to have MSNs & high levels of expertise in their area of specialty.

    Dunno who is 'selling' all these worthless degrees, but they need to be stopped.

    Be very careful about pursuing nursing as a second degree - financial aid is not available for a second bachelor degree.