Onto my 2nd semester!

  1. [font='comic sans ms'][color=#2f4f4f]here i am, not too sure how i have made it this far, but i have! i have gained so much confidence in myself for my desired profession these past 6 months than i ever thought i could. of course, i had others...especially family...well only family, telling me i couldn't do it, that they didn't think this was the right career choice for me (i was majoring in early childhood before lpn) and that they believed i should stick with teaching. i got accepted into my program straight out of pre-reqs (by some luck) and just finished up my last semester with b's and a's...which if you knew me, you would know those grades do not come easy! but somehow, with nursing, they seemed to. clinical was my worse fear, but i made great improvement after the first week and scored 90% on my clinical evaluation and my instructor told me i will soon make a wonderful little nurse. i am just so happy and so proud to say i officially lasted through the first semester of the program and that i am pressing on to the second semester in two weeks. i will say i am devastated that some of my classmates did not make it, but i will press on and focus on me. after this coming 8-week semester, only two more 15 week ones to go! good luck to everyone who will be going through with this summer semester as well!

    i must ask one question...what did you guys think of med surg i and ii? i will be taking both as well as the clinical portion for both this summer in a total of 8 weeks. any tips or suggestions on making it through without barely skimming by? i bought my textbook already, as well as the study guide that was suggested for it. i am just wanting to hear from others who have made it through med surg i and ii! thank you!

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  3. by   Juryizout

    I can't speak to Med Surg I, but I can to health deviations, which is PRE-MED surg I. Read ahead and use Study Blue. It will definitely help.

    I'm going to 3 rd semester! All I have left is med surg I and II and practicum. Good luck to you!
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    Med-Surg 1 & 2 in a span of 8 weeks I took these classes over a 2 semester period (totaling about 6 months) and I felt it was too much to digest in that period! The thing that helped me stay afloat was my trusty Saunders NCLEX-PN study book.
  5. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I know. It was either wait until Fall and be a semester behind, or stick through the summer. I just could not function through the summer knowing I was making my graduation date further away. I am going to look into getting the Saunders NCLEX-PN study guide as well then. I have heard doing it in this short time-span will have us testing every week, if not twice on some weeks. I have been meaning to already purchase it, but now I will be looking into it even more. My college used to be a complete quarters system, but they have switched to semesters, although summer semesters are still only 8 weeks long. I know everyone that graduated in the past on the quarter system were able to keep afloat, so I am going to be solely dedicated 100% for these next few months...and try to stay sane.
  6. by   Kaligirl02
    Hey! I'm haven't been in here in a while, but saw your post and wanted to give you some scoop. I just finished med-surg, it took 15 weeks. It's a BEAST!! I do agree with the above poster about the Saunders NCLEX book and disc. I would read the med surge book chapters about 2 times and then just do questions from the disc. Alot of people in my class didn't do too well in Med-Surg, issues with critical thinking. Just know that it doesn't matter how much you read the book you have to know how to apply it. What clinical manifestations to look out for. I ended med- surg with a 94% and just took the HESI Med-Surg test and scored superb!! Trust me the Saunders disc and book is a life saver. Pm me if you need any help. I forgot what med-surg book you are using, is it by Linton?