OMG - I just realized LPN school starts in 2 weeks!!

  1. Holy cow!! I am so excited, and scared, and excited, and anxious, and scared!! lol.

    Orientation is Oct 3rd. Wowsers!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    So you've decided to pursue LPN school after all? Good luck!
  4. by   DelanaRN
    Commuter, How do you remember this stuff? lol
    All my ducks are in a row for LPN school. I have already been accepted and my financial aid has already been approved so it seems like the way to go. I can only pray it is the right choice. Like most things, I am sure it will be what I make of it.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from dconnors
    Commuter, How do you remember this stuff? lol
    I remember all of this stuff because I am an addict who posts on this site entirely too much.
  6. by   DelanaRN
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I remember all of this stuff because I am an addict who posts on this site entirely too much.
    Indeed! lol
  7. by   bcskittlez
    Congratulations! dconnors, keep us posted from another fellow addict. I realized that I am using to avoid study-ing. LOL!
  8. by   midcom
    I'm starting next month too. My orientation is the 5th & 6th. I'm getting excited & a bit scared too. I'm an older student & am sort of wondering if my old brain will be able to remember all I'll need to.
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    Good luck to you get in there and get it done!!!
  10. by   nursn4me
    Hello Fellow Nursing Students,

    I just had my orientation on Monday for the lpn program. They made it very interesting and fun but basically talked about creating a good study environment and study habits and study skills. In addition school rules and expectation. My first class was last night, Nursing Foundations 1, and I can tell you I already have several chapters to read. It will be hard, but we all can do it! Good luck to each of you and I will be talking to all of you because I will be needing some encouragement and support!

    P.S I am addicted to also, I dont always post but I read, read, read. Just cant beat the knowledge and information that you find on this website. A great place to meet and make friends!

  11. by   skeeter96
    so where did u decide to go too school at?
  12. by   nursn4me

    I enrolled at ECPI/MCI. The school is VERY expensive but I saw no other choice. All the local schools here have a waiting list of about 2-3 years. I am working on my pre-reqs as well while I am in the lpn program. Hopefully I can just do the bridge to the rn program without waiting. Dont know why, but it is much easier and less wait to get into the rn program once you are an lpn. In the long run it will definitely pay off.