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  1. Hi new here, just finished PN classes and waiting for my ATT for the nclex, not getting many replies to sent resumes and with out a license number this is understandable. My real dilemma is that I am however 6 mo. pregnant, not great timing but god works in mysterious ways, have only gotten one interview and the women was totally gung-ho about hiring me until she saw the belly (unhidable, is baby #4 and the last).
    Hubby says don't worry stay home awhile and then look when new baby is old enough for a sitter or day care, but I am worried about how the time line will look and if i will loose my skills! Please fellow moms and students a little advice please!!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Don't worry about losing your skills, as most of your skills will be learned on the job. Nursing school does not teach all the skills that are needed to function independently on the job, so this is where on-the-job training and experienced coworkers come into play.

    Personally, I didn't apply for jobs until I had the temporary license in my possession. After all, I didn't want to give potential employers a reason to not hire me. I, too, would wait until you gave birth, because employers do not want to deal with the staffing issues that will arise when you are out on maternity leave. They're hiring you because they need to fill a staffing need, and your pregnancy will create staffing holes once you are no longer able to work.

    Lastly, good luck with the baby!
  4. by   catslave
    TheCommuter is right! Most of your skills will be learned on the job. I didn't even apply for a position until 5 months after passing the NCLEX.
    Happy babies to you!
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    Enjoy your pregnancy, and worry about that, later. It is basically prepares you for NCLEX, not working, unfortunately. And, in many cases, your plans for a certain type of job may not manifest, so, the picture you have in mind may have you learning things unexpected. My job paid my way through school, so, I assumed that because they invested all of this money in me, that they would demand for me to work in med-surg. I was placed at the exact place in the clinic that I worked before, but as a nurse. I admit, I am happy about it, because I did med-surg for the first 6 weeks as a formality, but hated it. What I was shocked about was how hard pharmacology was, but had no clue to how the drugs are prescribed, how to reconstitute, or other nuances never discussed. Also, you have to learn THEIR equipment, their policy and procedure, and what that particular facility will allow an LPN to do. What I have done was get the bedside care doing home care. The skills will come.
  6. by   Bala Shark
    I would not worry about it...