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  1. Got my score back on Friday, are these scores ok or should I be worried.

    Your Composite Score 82
    Your Composite Percentile 98

    The scores required a passing score of 42% Math, 51% Reading.

    My score 85% Math, Reading 80%.

    Should I be worried????
    What is Composite Percentile?????
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  3. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Your advisor should have explained what your results mean, if not call them because I believe standards can be different with different schools. Not positive though, this should have been explained to you when you got your results, because if you fail you won't get in, but from what I see I think you did fine. But ask them anyway.
  4. by   GAA30
    Excellent!!!!you're In With Those Scores Alone!!!!
  5. by   tntech1
    GAA30 do you really thinks so??? I was not sure. I have my references, NET test score!!!! What do you think could possibly stop me from getting in. There is no waiting list at the school I am apply at. I do not know if we have an interview process??? They will be mailing out acceptance letter the week of 11/13/06. I am so nervous
  6. by   GAA30
    Yes, your scores are excellent. I had a 58 percentile,trust me you're good!!! I also had 4.0 average going into the program and there was no waiting list. It is competitive!! Your Net has set the bar really high. Let me know when you receive that letter!!!!
  7. by   raekaylvn
    Those are great scores! At my school, we needed a 45% in each section to be considered for the VN program. Considering you only needed a 42% and 52% I think you're golden.