My back up plan

  1. I've been in the process of applying for the LPN program at my local voc. school,and even though I don't exactly have a stellar educational history,I figured I'd do well enough on the NET to get in to the program. I opf course will get a study guide,but I am such a wreck about the whole thing? Will I pass the test? Will I get in?

    At least I have a plan if I don't . I was thinking about taking a CNA program at the Red Cross..I can be done in a month,and then I'll get a job in an LTC facility. I'm hoping this will help me brush up on formulas and to get practical experience. But, since not all schools require prior experience if I get my CNA and my HS and College grades aren't great will I get in then? Despite all the problems that could potentially arise, I still am sure I want to be a nurse. Do you think the CNA plan will be beneficial or is there something else I could do instead? Thanks for any help
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  3. by   momathoner09
    If you didn't get in then I would take some of the required general education classes at your local community college. I know anatomy and physiology I and II, psyc, english were all part of the LPN curriculum that I looked into. Because the programs are so competitive (around here anway) a lot of the applicants have these courses completed and selection is made based upon the grades in these courses. Also, when you do get in you will be able to just focus on your nursing course. Good Luck!
  4. by   Jules A
    Well I would find out for sure what your program uses to determine who gets in and hopefully they could counsel you on the best way to brush on the areas that you may be lacking. As for being a CNA whether or not it helps you get into school it would be a great transition into nursing. Good luck!
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    I'm not sure if the CNA course will give an advantage in regard to applying for nursing school, but I agree that it will show you a great deal about nursing in general. You'll be around nurses and can ask many questions. And, you can decide if nursing is really what you want to do, since you will be right in the trenches. Best wishes!