Math crazy!

  1. Well we took math for meds as part of our pharm 1 class and I personally passed all the tests and the final! We to have at least a 78 in that portion of the class to move on to the next level! So today we show up to day two of clinicals for our new semester and are told that if we didn't pass our final will a 90 we had to retake the math! So several of us who passed and move on now have to retake the math or flunk out of the program. If we passed the clas and were able to move why now do we have to have a 90 to move on! I hope this makes sense as I am so frustrated and math is not my strong point an I worked really hard to get the passing grade that I needed
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  3. by   pookyp
    Ummm I would talk to someone. Seems like they're just changing the rules all willy nilly.
  4. by   Still Standing
    I'm a little confused are you talking about the dosage calculations test that you have to take every semester? Because if so then that sounds about right. You have to pass it at the beginning of the following semesters after your first my school calls it the Pre- Clinical math test. At my school you have to have ATLEAST an 80 or above to pass it and you get two attempts in which they will average the 2 grades together if you have to take it again. If you fail it you have to retake Pharmacology. Some schools the score may be higher just depends on what they require you to have minimumally to pass the course which for us its a 75. We also have to do Pre-clinical checkoffs as well where we have to demonstrate successfully 2 invasive procedures in order to continue.
  5. by   Still Standing
    All of what they require of you throughout the program as far as testing and grades especially tests that you have to take every semester and pass with a certain grade should have been explained to you all during orientation and on your syllabus during the first day of class and yall should have gotten all that information in writing in the nursing handbook. If they didn't do those things then something isn't right there, because in my state its mandated for Nursing Programs to give us this information as part of their accreditation requirements.
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  6. by   MissKay912
    I feel your pain. We just finished Med Testing in my program. Thankfully I passed both my dosage calc and my practical on the 1st attempts. The rules were in order to advance to the practical part you had to pass dosage calc. You could take the dosage calc only two times (85 passing). By the time we got to the practical part (which only 2 attempts allowed as well) 14 people failed and had to retake. In the end, four people didnt succeed in the 2nd attempt and had to leave. They had to leave halfway through the program. I think they should do things like this early in nursing programs so they take the least amount of money from people. It costs about $11000 for my program. Those ladies had to spend over $6000 (uniforms, CPR, gas, the works) and then failed. But in regards to your program I think the issue is the fact that this was a surprise to you guys. That's very unfair if they didn't let you know these expectations from the beginning of the testing process.
  7. by   lpnstudentlaura
    Well today it was clarified after several angry phone calls and of course now it's in our new syllabi that we received today! Hmmm think someone is covering there bottom with his one.
  8. by   MissKay912
    That's exactly what happened. That's terrible! I hope it all works out for you ...Good Luck!
  9. by   Still Standing
    Exactly! They knew they were supposed to have it out in writing for yall!
  10. by   cindjo717
    My school was infamous for changing the rules mid stream, it was very frustrating. We had to pass a math test that was separate from our pharmacology, but taken during the same course. On the math you had to get 100%, but had many many times to keep trying to get that 100. I did get it on the first try and the few that did not got it on the second try, so that worked out. But from the beginning to the very end, there were fumbles from soup to nuts, and we only received a syllabus the first class which was A & P after that no syllabus, and we asked for it multiple times throughout the course. :/
  11. by   lpnstudentlaura
    Well took the math test passed it with the 90 and above that I needed. Thank goodness. I can now advance to passing meds in clinical! I just feel sorry for the few who did not pass it and have to reapply to the program.
  12. by   MissKay912
    Yippee !!!! Congrats! Stay strong through this arduous process and keep us posted happy for u 😬
  13. by   lpnstudentlaura
    Thank you miss k need the congrats when the going gets tough