LPN schools in Florida

  1. Does anyone know any good LPN programs in the central florida area? If anyone can tell me their experience in the program.. I would greatly appreciate it and also are there any private schools that is worth to consider because I would like to be in the program real soon! :-)

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  3. by   MAKSMOM
    Tom P. Haney Tech Center In Panama City Beach...10 Months...great School. Grad Of 2000
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    if you live near jacksonvillle Concorde has a good program
  6. by   Cherybaby
    I went to the community college in my city. It was much cheaper than a private school and I was able to do my prereq's for the bridge program while I was there. Plus, I got my associates in science as well as my PN certification. I think it's a good choice.
    i have to agree with cherybaby, those private colleges are there to make money...you will take out a student loan and get into major debt and not have an actually college degree, to mean it is not worth it.. go the community college route like seminole community college or orlando tech. then transfer over to an rn bridge program.
  8. by   Ebony_RN
    There's Orlando Tech in Orlando, right across from the arena.

    I graduated this past January and it's an excellent school. If you have any questions, just let me know.
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    Thank you guys for your advice!

    I do have a question for EbonyF. How long did it take you to get in?? is there a waiting list? I'm tryin to get into TECO its in kissimee...

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    Quote from dizzleshizzle
    Thank you guys for your advice!

    I do have a question for EbonyF. How long did it take you to get in?? is there a waiting list? I'm tryin to get into TECO its in kissimee...

    Orlando Tech is first come/first serve. There's no waiting list, as long as you have all the requirements done [physical, NET test, TABE test (if needed), immunization record, etc.] then you are placed in the next class. I believe I had all my paperwork submitted around August 2005 in hopes of getting in the January 2006 class. That class was full so they put me in the May 2006 class.--BUT if for some reason students decide not to enroll again, they will bump you into the next class, which happen to me. So I got lucky and started in the January 2006 class

    I know currently the May '07 class is full, so they may still be taking people for the Sept. '07 class.

    Their classes start 3x a year. January, May and September; and it's a year long course for their day program. They also have a night program but that is a year and a half.
  11. by   carol34
    Private schools are a lot more expenseive for e.g $27,000 vs $5,200 at Seminole community college. I would go SCC.

    Since you guys live in the Central florida area, do you know approximately how much do nurses make in the central florida area. Also how much do agency nurses make per hr? I am new to this forum and I am not sure if you can discuss salary information.
  12. by   CLMNurse
    Hey if Lakeland is not a far drive for you, I went to Traviss Technical Center... It was the best thing I ever did!!! They are wonderful there, couldn't ask for a better school to get you ready for the job!!!
  13. by   busyinorlando
    Hello. I am so happy I came upon this thread, there is a wealth of imformative information. I am currently pursuing my A.S in Health Service Administration at Keiser in Orlando. I am only in my fourth month. I went to valencia for a little while for nursing without much sucess. I thought I wanted to be a nurse, then I decided I wanted to be a Health administrator since I work in the insurance industry and I have my insurance license. Now I think I want to be a nurse again, I am considering going to Orlando tech for the LPN class part time. My finances are not very strong so I have to work and I believe parttime will work well for me. I am so confused, I just started my A.S and I was very proud of myself for my dedication so far because I have a problem of not completing anything that I start. I wanna be successful but I guess I need a little mentoring I don't know where to start. I have maxed out all my financial aid and student loans and I still pay the school $200.00 per month and I pay for my own books. Do you think it would be wise to drop out of keiser and try to get into orlando tech LPN program. My problem is I want everything all at once with INSTANT results. PLEASE HELP!!!
  14. by   KloesMama
    ocala area here. theres central florida community college. $7,500 1 yr in length. 2 yr waiting list and professional health training academy. private. $13,000. 11 months. no wait list. no pre-reqs. hope this helps.