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  1. I was wondering how long it takes to get placed into the LPN program. I submitted my application in March and I have the worst anxiety about it. How long do I have to wait to get placed and how long until I know when I start the program? Thanks
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  3. by   Bere70839
    I totally feel you on the anxiety! I placed my application back in Oct 2015. And at the time my advisor told me I could have a slim chance getting in for Spring 2016, otherwise it would be a one semester wait. I didn't have luck for spring 2016 so I'm hoping fall 2016 it is! Since then other students who applied after told me that it was a 1 to 2 semesters wait ? But the reviewing process started April 25. So far none of us have received anything, just a confirmation email confirming our continued interest in the LPN program which went out March 22nd.
  4. by   featheredavenger
    Are you serious because they told me they already picked for fall in March. This is so aggravating i cant get in touch with anyone let alone get an answer. No one seems to know anything
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  5. by   featheredavenger
    I just hope i get in soon ive been trying for 3 years just waiting around. How many people applied with you do you know how big class sizes are?
  6. by   Bere70839
    They? As in students or the nursing advisors? I unfortunately don't know how big the classes are. I imagine average size 20-30. There are 3 other people who I've been speaking with who submitted their application. I emailed the nursing advisor yesterday but no response yet.
  7. by   featheredavenger
    The advisors ive been trying to get in contact for 2 weeks i emailed one advisor once a week the entire month last month and nothing
  8. by   Bere70839
    Ahhhhh! I'm just anxious to know if I got in or not so I can set up my fall schedule. But I'll let you know if I get a response. Who have u been trying to get in contact with? For the emails, which advisor.
  9. by   featheredavenger
    All theee **** ***** and *****
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  10. by   Bere70839
    I emailed them too. ***** is out until May 17. I heard her voicemail..lol. I was succesful with *******! I got offered a placement. She stated they have 64 seats for the fall cohort.!! Did U receive anything!?
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  11. by   featheredavenger
    Seriously!? No i havent heard anything do you have her direct number so i can call her?
  12. by   featheredavenger
    Also did you pick day or evening? Did they say there was still room in the evening class time
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    Oh sorry