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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   Kaligirl02
    That sucks. That's all I can say. Simply sucks. I called my rep and left her a message.
  2. by   applemom83
    i don't understand why they are telling different applicants different things. They either need to say they can't tell us anything right now, or they need to have all our reps tell us the same story:P

    I also found out though earlier, as far as vaccinations go, they want to see recent...because I asked about varicella, since I had chicken pox as a child but the records of that are long gone....and my rep seemed to think that a titer wouldn't be accepted, that I would need to get the vaccine...oh well no big deal, needles don't bother me anyway...except when I got Implanon...damn....now that needle was SCARY looking...good thing I was numbed up
  3. by   IwannaBeNP
    Applemom83--No they didn't say anything else...but I didn't know I could call the BVNPT and ask about accreditation....well, I guess we'll know sooner or later ....I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.

    Ashlie--Yeah, it sucks! Let us know if you hear back from your rep. about anything.
  4. by   IwannaBeNP
    Oh also, when I called before last time they told me the decision doesn't get made on their campus so they won't be able to tell when the decisions will be mailed out/called in.....I don't know why they give different answers to diff. people....now, I'm really worried that may be they're saying all these things to me coz' they know I didn't get in
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    Well she isn't in today. But I called again and someone else answered and I asked her what was going on and she said they will have the final decision for sure next Thursday.

    So if they don't make the decisions on campus where do they make the decisions at? And hen who makes them? I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. It sounds likeO you have points in every catagory. I just think that our reps really don't know to much about anything. Like they are on a need to know basis. Like when they need to know something admissions will tell them. I'm just upset about them pushing the date back. We are all stressing out waiting for today thinking we'll get our answer in the next few days then "oops no... Next week" grrrrr to the 10th power!!
  6. by   applemom83
    I am upset about the date being pushed too! Here I was all excited that I would get some kind of letter this weekend but from what you girls are saying, I guess not! There's gotta be a good reason for it though, so I'm trying not to be mad. I agree they probably tell our reps what they need to know, so they don't tell us anything that's not for certain. They probably just found out recently they had to push the date around.
  7. by   IwannaBeNP
    I don't know where they make decisions...I didn't ask coz' everytime I ask something they go around and around the question and confuse me so I thought I shouldn't ask..lol...but hopefully by thursday we all hear something...is it this coming thursday they told you or the one after it?
  8. by   Kaligirl02
    Thursday October the 8th ( my birthday!!!!) I hope they push it back again!
  9. by   IwannaBeNP
    Oh Wow that's cool...if they call you on the 8th, that'll like a big birthday present or if they call earlier, that'll be an big early birthday present, perhaps? Good Luck to all of us!
  10. by   Kaligirl02
    I meant don't push it back. Lol
  11. by   applemom83
    Do you mean they will at least call on the 8th, or are they sending letters out on the 8th?
  12. by   IwannaBeNP
    Ashlie, yeah I got it that you meant don't ....and I guess they mean that we should know by the 8th...either by letter or phone? I guess?
  13. by   Kaligirl02
    That's what i took away from the conversation.
    But we'll see. Did they pass for the bvnpt? I've been looking on the website but they haven't updated kaplan yet.