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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   plaza
    I scored in the high 90s for math and vocab. math and science have always been my strong suits and I am an avid reader and love to learn new words.

    only scored in the mid 80s for reading and comprehension, though. that was a bit disappointing. make sure you know the difference w/re: to author intention (like in the study guide).

    there is plenty of time to complete the testing. they allow 3 hrs and all questions need to be answered. it's not like the wonderlic where you get 75 questions and get cut off at 12 minutes. I'm still curious about that test....

    the next step for me is the interview sometime next month.
  2. by   IwannaBeNP
    Hey Guys!

    So, I took the HESI yesterday and got a fairly good score. Got 90% in Vocab., 81% in reading (which sucks lol) and 94% in math and overall 88%.....I could've done better in reading....ehhh but I guess I'm fine with it considering the fact I only studied the day before and had a minor surgery last week....so let's see what happens as the waiting game begins now
  3. by   Kaligirl02
    OMG!!! hey guys just giving you a heads up, i just got a call from admissions and i have my interview on wednesday!! They are only having them monday tuesday and wednesday it seems like. Im hoping that means we will know who gets in by the end of this week or beginning of next week!!! i wonder why they called on a sunday though. But im glad!!! did any of you get a call yet?
  4. by   IwannaBeNP

    Yeah I got a call on sunday as well and interviewed yesterday.....to be honest, didn't seem like an interview to me :~....let me know how yours goes.....also, did you hear anything else about the starting of the program or when they'll let us know if we're accepted or not ?
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    Oh it didn't? Is that good or bad? Lol. Well
    I was told that we should know in about a
    week or so after interviews are done. I guess
    they will be doing interviews mon-wed next
    week as well so the 29th? I'll let you know
    how mine goes. Did you get a good feel of what
    they are going to expect from students? I'm
    really nervous!!
  6. by   applemom83
    Thought I would put my 2 cents in, though I am mostly a lurker on this board I had an interview. I was super nervous. I was told they would be mailing out letters around October 1st. I was asked why I want to be a nurse, and I was told about what the hours of the program are like, and hours of clinicals, etc...and they want students to know it is extremely fast paced (of course, it's 51 weeks!), you can miss 3 days at most (although if I was in I'd make sure I miss NO days ). They just want students to know how much work it's going to be and make sure people are serious about dedicating themselves to it. Especially since it's a new program for their school, they don't want to pick just anyone I'm sure. My HESI scores are really high so no problem there, my college coursework grades are good... but I was just so darn nervous in my interview! *sigh*.... We will see what happens. I think it went well though! I mailed out a nice thank you letter as soon as I got home. Does anyone else have anything to say about their interviews?
  7. by   Kaligirl02
    Congraats on your interview I'm sure you did fine!!! My interview isn't till tomorrow, so I'll comment on it tomorrow. Did they tell you what the final price of the class yet? I heard they were adding more classes so the price would be changing as well. Did they ask you alot of questions? I heard it is only about a 15 minute long interview. Wow October first huh? I wonder when will class starts then. Thanks for the info and btw what took you so long to join the conversation? Lol. Glad you did!! Good luck.
  8. by   applemom83
    LOL, well I didn't want to jinx my interview, hope I didn't just jinx it now! Eek! Good luck on yours tomorrow And good luck to others who are waiting to interview! Not too many questions. They did not say anything about the price, but I didn't ask, although during my very first visit to Kaplan with an admissions rep I was told that they would have financial aid for the program. So that's good! Hopefully it's still around 26k like I had heard from reading stuff online. The interview was short, but I'm sure they just try to do what they can cuz I bet they have tons of people applying for it. All I know as far as length goes is it is 51 weeks long. I wish a current/first student(s) of the program would chime in haha.
  9. by   Kaligirl02
    lOl. Yeah I hope it isn't very much more than quoted price. I have been hoping a current student would give some info but no luck so far. I have been very calm about the interview a bit excited, but after reading your post I'm so scared!!! Lol. I didn't think alot of people were going to be interested in the school because of the bad rep the company had but with the long waitlist at all the jc's you gotta get in where you fit in! Lol. I hope I do well. Do you have any previous medical experience? I heard that is a big judging factor for them.
  10. by   plaza
    I'm hoping my previous experience helps. I've worked in a derm practice and about 30 yrs ago, as a CNA in a hospital.

    this past weekend, I finished a clinical med assitant course at delta college in stockton and started my externship at an ambulatory care clinic. that should take me till mid-october.

    luck to all - and ashlie, do good, okay!
  11. by   applemom83
    Ash: Oh no don't be scared because of me!!! Think happy thoughts!! I did complete a medical assisting course at another school and an externship at a specific office for a certain hospital (that's all I'll say ) but never found an MA job. Everyone wants "experience". I want to be a nurse anyway though. They (Kaplan) seemed to like the fact I have all my JC RN prereqs done. But just like you said, I cannot sit waiting around forever to get into a nursing program....the soooner I get in the better, plus I think if I can be an LVN first it'll make it that much easier to bridge in the future, and it will be better for the experience. If I have LVN experience, then finish classes for CSUS, that'll make me an even better competitor for LVN-BSN.

    Plaza: Good luck to you as well! It would be neat if all of us on this thread were accepted, we could form a study group perhaps!
  12. by   Kaligirl02
    Thanks guys for the support!! Its funny I've been waiting for today for awhile and it finally came!!! So my interview lasted all of umm 5-7 minutes lol. I was prepared to give a big speech why i wanted to be a nurse about wanting to take care of people not just "helping" them and then the only question she asked me was why did i think i would be good for kaplan college and if i was comfortable with giving injections!!! lol.
    I have been a medical assistant for the past three years in a gastro clinic down here in fairfield so as far as some type of experience i think i am good with that. I tried not to babble ( iam really good at running my mouth about myself..lol) which was really hard. I found out some of the sites that they do clinicals at. the two i was excited about was the mother/baby and the prison. i know i know totally two different areas. Now that its done and over with just have to wait till a fews days after 10/01/09... my birthday is on october 8th so hopefully i'll get a nice early birthday present. I guess they will give you 30 days after the letter to accept or to get everything situated??? so school won't start till november?? idk. Im getting to ahead of myself. one step at a time. lol. that would great if we all got accepted!!!
    The DON was very nice!!! she seemed really sincere. I hope i made a good impression. I feel like the interview wasnt really needed.. idk.
  13. by   IwannaBeNP
    Ashley: yeah, exactly my point-i don't think the interview was needed and mine also lasted for about five minutes lol. I also had a big speech planned for y I want to be a nurse but I just couldn't say it all when she asked that ques. I was just asked y I want to be a nurse and if I have any questions for her lol... I didn't get a really good feeling but I sooooooooo hope that I get in....my hesi was good but I don't have paid hands on experience (I didn't know that was also a factor in the selection process) .....let's wait n see....btw do u know how many students applied and how many they will accept?