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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   Kaligirl02
    Good luck!! when do you go in and take the hesi?
  2. by   IwannaBeNP
    Actually, I haven't even taken the Entrance assesment either, I'm most probably going this week and taking the Hesi next week....or so I have planned . I've known about the program for a while but was just double-minded because of the accreditation and everything plus there's no financial aid but I've finally decided to take the step coz' right now atleast I have an option and I don't want to miss any chance to start soon
    I read that you did well on the HESI, congrats!
  3. by   Kaligirl02
    Yeah I did. Thank you. Umm you mentioned that there wasn't any financial aid? where did you that from? I was told that they do participate with the government loans, You just have to fill out the fasfa.
  4. by   IwannaBeNP
    Oh sorry, I meant there aren't any grants as of now but I spoke to someone last week and they cleared it for me that if the school gets accreditation in september then they'll start offering grants to those who qualify as well....I hope I do (if I get in that is hehe)

    Oh and about the HESI, how was it compared to the practice study guides they gave out? Was it similar, harder, easier? I'm taking it this week....fingers crossed
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    Oh Ok..lol. Im sure you will do great. I would pay alot of attention to the fractions and make sure you know how to tell which decimal is greater than another. Each test is different so this info might not be of any use to you. Thet first time i took it, it was nothing but fractions..when i re-took it nothing but ratios..lol. Good thing im good with ratios(hehehehe). umm the practice guide was a little useful..umm mesmorize the vocab. How many more weeks of testing is left do you know? im soo ready to get on to the interviewing!!!
  6. by   IwannaBeNP
    Yeah, I hope I do great as well . I'm trying to do problems and getting 'em right, hopefully I'll do the same when testing....I'm bad test taker and also if it's on a computer, I find it little bit more time consuming....Anyhow, from what I heard, they're testing on every saturday of this month but they're trying to add some weekdays too if the proctor is available. So, I guess all this month? Don't know about september though. And yeah, I wanna get it done too so I can get to the interviewing too and already start with the program!
  7. by   plaza
    I'm scheduled on thursday, august 20th at kaplan-stockton for the HESI. I'll be reviewing my HESI book this weekend.
  8. by   IwannaBeNP

    I just had a quick question for you guys. What sections were you tested on in the HESI? Just reading, math, vocabulary, right? Not Grammar or any sciences, correct? Also, were you allowed to use a calculator or scratch paper? Thanks a lot!
  9. by   plaza
    took the HESI today and did quite well!

    the test covered math, vocabulary and reading/comprehension. there were also personality and learning type sections where I was evaluated (spot on, I might add), but not scored.

    and contrary to what others have said, the HESI A2 study guide did help! I just wish I would've known that the test wasn't going to cover A&P, chem and physics. I did spend considerable time working on those subjects.
  10. by   IwannaBeNP

    That's good you did good, Plaza . Were you allowed to use a calculator or scratch paper for math?
  11. by   plaza
    they allowed us to have a pencil/pen, and scratch paper that they supplied. calculators were on the computer (thank goodness).

    there was a significant amount of decimals, fractions, ratios and multiplication.

    the test took 3 hrs. and you must complete each section.

    the results are available as soon as you shut off the program but they are also available online w/a full description and analysis. your test results compare you to others in the same testing group but not to universal test results. I'd like that information.
  12. by   IwannaBeNP
    Thanks for the info. Plaza! About the reading and the vocab., was it similar to the study guide? I heard that the time provided wasn't enough, is that true? Also, do you mind sharing what your score was?
  13. by   Kaligirl02
    See I told you you would do great!! I got a call yesterday to go down to fill paper work out for the background check. I'm so excited!!