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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   applemom83
    anymore info on....?

    i just looked at my aid sheet, i think i know what the guy was trying to tell you, he was talking about the total sub and unsub loans you can get right now, until they can calculate in other stuff. the 9500 means just the sub and unsub loans, for now, not financial aid overall
  2. by   Kaligirl02
    ooh ok..lol. yaeh he was saying that me and my husband made too much money last year. I was like no we didn't!! lol i dont think im going to go though. maybe I'll save some money up and apply some other time. Good luck to all of you guys!!! you will make amazing nurses!!! ttyl!
  3. by   applemom83
    oh ashlie!!! you worked too hard! don't give up!!
  4. by   plaza
    ashlie - are you saying that you are not going to attend kaplan because you need an additional $3500 or so?

    I just remembered something they told me yesterday, some of the clinicals may be held in locations that are quite a distance - merced, grass valley, fairfield. from stockton, or where I live in the foothills, those are quite a drive. some of the clinicals start at 6:30 am! I'm an early riser but having to drive and be at the site may be tough.
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    yeah. I thought it was 3900 but i talked to the financial aid rep again today and he said 5900... since i made alot of money last year i dont qualify for any grants from the federal government. Just the federal loans... Its ok though. I found out today that my husband just recieved pcs orders for us to move to alaska in may so i wouldn't be able to anyways.
  6. by   Gradclass2010
    How was it only $5900? for the first academic year its $22563 - $9500 Stafford and it would be $13063. Am I adding something up wrong? I just met with financial aid today, but I don't have my appointment until Tuesday. I looked at the enrollment agreement and I am freaking out a little bit now. I know that I will get the $9500 from Stafford loans but where did you get the rest of the money($7163) from @ashlie2144 ? Can someone tell me how this works who has gone through it already? I know I don't qualify for any grants because I made to much money last year.
  7. by   Cookie2theRescue
    I think it may have been estimated for the entire program.
  8. by   plaza
    wow! if I could get $9500 from stafford that would be great.
  9. by   Gradclass2010
    have you done your financial aid yet
  10. by   Kaligirl02
    well from what i was told it is 22563 for the first year.. so 9500 from fed loans i said i would be able to pay 125 out of pocket for a year which would equal to 10625 then i have 8k in a military grant(husband is in the military..spouses grant thing) which is 18625.00.. which would mean i need an additional 4k for the 1st year. Then the 2nd year i would get the rest of the money from another fed loan. So no it isnt estamedted for the whole program just the first year. The fin aid rep sai when jan/feb comes around we would do another fasfa app. I called my rep yesterday and told her i wouldnt be able to come up with the extra money in 1 week, she said that they maybe able to work something out for me.. so im just waitng on a call back from the head of fin aid.

    @plaza- everyone is "entitled" to the 9500 from federal loan. So you already have that as long as you havent defaulted on a previous fed loan(not saying you have..lol)
  11. by   plaza
    thanks ashlie, that's good to know.
  12. by   Jen7090
    @Plaza- Are you attending the Kaplan in Sacramento? I'm just wondering because you stated that they are pushing the class start date to December....I have not heard this from anyone, can you let me know? Thanks!
  13. by   applemom83
    jen- plaza is applying to stockton, they are having even more problems getting stuff together then sac had!