Just got accepected into the lpn program

  1. What can i expect?
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  3. by   agldragonRN
    not to discourage you or anything but....

    expect to:

    1. not have a social life during the whole program
    2. forget about friends and all the hanging out
    3. change your study habits to suite the program
    4. study constantly
    5. have a test almost every day
    6. be stressed out
    7. gain weight
    8. put so much info in your head for a short period of time
    9. cry sometimes
    10. feel like you want to give up
    11. know all the meds out there
    12. know all the diseases
    13. be proud because you are a hero in training (a future nurse)

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  4. by   BRYTTANI18
    congrats!!! Im still waiting on my letter...one week down, one more to go! I hope my news is as good as yours.
  5. by   MzNurseT
    Did anyone apply to any New Jersey nursing schools?
  6. by   agldragonRN
    Quote from aspirednurse2b
    did anyone apply to any new jersey nursing schools?

    i do. i am a senior now and will be done in january 2008. the school is in middlesex county. sorry you missed the deadline for the spring semester (feb '08). it was october 15. my school is very good. email me or pm me so i can give you the address. i think the next entrance test would be in april and that's for the fall '08 semester. it's a 15-month program.

    angel (soon to be lpn, yay!)
  7. by   Jules A
    Congratulations! It is a lot of work. I studied every night to stay on top of things. Hang in there and the year will go by in no time. Jules