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  1. Does anyone know what an LVN in los angeles county earns per hour? Also, if possible, what are the duties of an LVN who works in newborn nursery consist of? Can an LVN feed a newborn, bathe? I appreciate all answers thanx!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    LVNs in Los Angeles County earn between $15 and $24 hourly. Generally, the doctors' offices and clinics tend to pay $15 hourly. Hospitals average around $17 per hour, whereas nursing homes and home health agencies pay between $18 and $24 per hour.

    It is a very rare occasion when Los Angeles County hospitals hire LVNs into the newborn nursery. RNs overwhelmingly tend to receive these positions under normal circumstances.
  4. by   baylay
    Having just graduated and waiting to take the NCLEX I'm finding you are exactly right on with the wages "TheCommuter". How disappointing they are so low! Doesn't anyone ever try to raise the rates? Are there Unions? Sorry I'm new to this and this may be old complaining? :uhoh21:
    Also at our local hospital post-partum is the only area LVN's are allowed to work in for the maternity dept. which is what I'd like to do. And not too many are hired. I'll just have to be patient.
    Now back to studying!
  5. by   jelorde37
    i was offered a job in la, new grad level with a starting wage of 22 an hour at a subacute unit with tele. my friend got a job at a snf for 2o an hour as a wound nurse. my other friends work in a subacue unit and they get around 20.50. i ended up moving to palm springs where i worked in the cardiac and ortho unit of an LTC making 20.50. so, i say the wages you find on the internet are alot lower than what is reality. remember, the wages i just said are wages for a new grad.
  6. by   baylay
    I think it will just depend where you live. I live just enough outside Los Angeles that they can get away with low wages. The local hospital where I live starts LVN's out at $16.00. I made $15.00 billing dental insurance before I went back to school. It's just very disappointing. Nurses are worth a lot more than that! But I also look at it as I'm not in it for the money but for the reward of seeing a patient go home well and happy. Just to know I made a difference in someones life...