How to Perform a Head to Toe assessment

  1. Hello successfully made it through Fundamentals of Nursing and Drug Admin and Calculations with B's wanted A's but hey I passed that is all that matters. I am in Med-Surg 1 now and unlike our previous clinicals we are actually at the hospital now instead of the nursing home. It is definitely a much faster pace and at times I feel lost because the basics of what we were supposed to do last quarter to fully prepare us for our 1st day at clinicals this quarter really didn't happen. We were supposed to learn how to do a head to toe assessment and charting but we never got around to these things for various reasons.

    I really want to know how to complete an assessment properly so if anyone has any tips on how this should be done it would be greatly appreciated. We got a very quick demo on one of the practice mannequins but haven't done it ourselves on the mannequin or a real patient. I dont want to return to clinicals Monday and not know what I am doing. So any tip would be nice.

    Thanks in Advance

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  3. by   Daytonite
    there are weblinks on how to do a head-to-toe assessment on the health assessment resources, techniques, and forms sticky in nursing student assistance forum Health Assessment Resources, Techniques, and Forms. see posts #5, #11 and #13.
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    My favorite part of doing head to toe assessments is telling him to stick here tongue out at me
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    G-Town are you from Gastionia, NC? Because, that is what a lot of native Gastonians call it.
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    Nope... im in Indiana.