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  1. Can Anybody Give Me Some Helpful Books I Can Buy For Lpn Class All Responses Are Welcome Thanks!!
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    Fundamentals and Adult Health Nursing by Christensen and is part of a series of books called LPN Thread. It has the entire LPN program in that one text that is written in reader-friendly words and is an excellent resource to have in your library. I don't know what books they will recommend or mandate you to purchase, but this was the best, and what is interesting, I discovered it AFTER I graduated. You can order it from or Barnes and Noble. At the Barnes and Noble website, you can look at the table of contents and note that it is ALL there from soup to nuts. Also, Basic Pharmacology for Nurses by Bruce Clayton and Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology by Mary Edmunds as well as Nutrition (forgot the whole title of the book, sorry...but you can type in her name at Amazon and get that information) by Stacy Nix( BOTH are also part of the LPN thread series). These books brought it to me short and simple, yet, without losing the meaning. Best of luck to you!
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    thanks alot for the information
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Perhaps you may wish to invest in an atlas of the human body. It is a book with vivid illustrations and labels of every body part and bodily system in the human body. An atlas will really come in handy when you are needing to study anatomy and physiology, since the typical student is a visual learner. It helps to see a picture or a painting of the body part, as opposed to just reading about it.