From BSN program to LPN, right decision??

  1. I would really appreciate any advice . I am currently a pre-nursing student working toward a BSN. I have pretty much made up my mind that I should go into an LPN program then to an RN program. My reasons were because I am 33 years old and want to start working as soon as possible. I'm not sure what the future has in store for nursing and I want to get my foot in the door as soon as possibe. I have done two semesters of pre-req.s for the BSN in a traditional university and seemed to have gotten nowhere. I have probably two more semesters of pre-req.s before I could apply to the highly competetive BSN program...and then three years after that. Anyway, I have an appt. in a few days with Delta College in Baton Rouge, LA. It is a 15 month program and starts Aug. 3. Going from LPN-RN-maybe BSN sounds like a good idea, but is there any advice out there? I just read that the tuition is $13,000.??? I already have $10,000. is student loans (I can use what I have for ADN/BSN in the future).
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Until I read the part where you stated you are still doing prerequisites, I would have advised you to stick out your BSN program. The advantage to going the LPN route is the possibility of the LPN to RN bridge. But don't get all enthused about working. Look strongly at your local job market for LPN. Many newly minted LPNs find they can not find work in a saturated job market or one decimated by the economy. You might be better off to withstand the hardship now and just plug on through for that RN license. Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I'm a LPN student and I graduate in July. So far I've done two years of prereqs and have 2 more years of prereqs before applying at BSN programs. Yesterday, I ran into an old instructor of mine and she gave me a list of places currently hiring for LPNS and new grads are accepted. SO it all depends on where you live also.

    It'll probably take me like 5 more years before getting my BSN so working as a LPN will definitely benefit me. Good luck.
  5. by   nursestudent1975
    Thank you for the reply. Now that I have done two semesters, the reality has set in that I can only hope to apply and be admitted after completing Intro. Chem and also repeating two courses that have nothing to do with my curriculum-Geog 1001 and French 1001 (I made a big mistake ten years ago, and now have to repeat two courses for my GPA's sake) in the SUMMER ). So most likely I would not make it in for this coming spring semester and I would re-apply in the spring for the following fall semester. Then I would still have another three years to go . I went on the tour for the BSN program at LSU and out of 250 applicants, only 100 are admitted and the average GPA is 3.8-4.0. I know that a job as an LPN is far from a dream job, but I was hoping that it would be a foot in the door. I have every intention on continuing my education. I just hope that it is not too much of a shocker .
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    You said that you have two more years of pre-req.s for your BSN programs? Can you do ADN-RN then BSN??
  7. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from nursestudent1975
    You said that you have two more years of pre-req.s for your BSN programs? Can you do ADN-RN then BSN??
    I can if I wanted to. However, I'm strongly leaning toward going straight for my BSN. If I wanted I can start my ADN next year. I'm not 100 % sure yet, but my ultimate goal is to get my BSN.
  8. by   nursestudent1975
    :grad: Good luck to you!