finished AP I in five weeks.. whew

  1. And I got a B. I am pretty happy, alot to learn is such a short period, in my opinion. Now on to AP II, I will be done at the end of July. Good part of all this, it will be over and done with! Since these are my first classes in my nursing program, I am glad I succeeded with a grade I can be proud of!
    K from NY
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  3. by   2ndcareerchange
    GREAT JOB!! AP II is not as hard as AP I in my opinion, so you should do great again! AP II will be familiar territory. You did good, I couldnt have done it in five weeks, I took the summer class, but it was 8 weeks, I needed those extra weeks. WHEW!

  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Congrats ! I did AP 2 in eight weeks and got an A. Its tough but you'll get through it. Don't think I couldve done it in 5 weeks though. Whew ! Its over.
  5. by   Roxyann57
    I started AP I & II in september. I already started early HW assignments and am not liking it too much. Just a lot of info I have never heard of before. Good job though! Thats tough to complete in 5 weeks!
  6. by   heartbeats
    I know this thread is kind of old, but where did you find a 5 week A&P course?

  7. by   k3104
    Hi, I took a summer session at local community college. Not sure where you are located, but the next session offered is the regular semester.. Good luck, K
  8. by   heartbeats
    Oh, I'm in southern California. I don't think we have summer sessions that short here though so I was wondering.
  9. by   justiceforjoy
    Eek! We have A&P as one class in BC and it was spanned over 8 weeks, I think... It was my favourite class of them all!