failed the pn predictor with a 91% :(

  1. hey all this is my first post so i hope im doing this right!, anyway can anyone give me advice for passing the pn predictor for ATI?? my schools program asks that we pass with at least a 93% so i was close but not close enough! i re take it at the end of November and was just wondering if anyone could help me out! if i don't get a 93% with the next test i technically won't graduate and can't sit down for my nclex so this is really important! thanks!
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  3. by   njlpn421
    How did you do on your other ati test. What levels did you get ?

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  4. by   miss_bee
    i usually get a level 2 on all ati tests.. i got a level 3 in med surg but only a level 1 with child.. maybe if i do a focused review with my child/baby it will boost me up! idk what else to do.. do you have any tips??
  5. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Do all the test over. Did you have a predictor practice exam? Its 150 questions. I did that over not just memorizing the questions but just acutally breaking it down. Know your lab values because that will help alot. At my school we had to have a 90% chance of passing & one of my classmates took it twice & didnt pass BUT my teacher allowed her to take the ncbsn review course($50 for 3 weeks) since she couldnt afford the $250 ati review course & once she finished the nscbn review & printed her certificate out to give to the teacher, her name was sent to the board. Take your time YOU WILL PASS IT!
  6. by   Mrsladysoul83
    What i meant to add not saying that you wont pass it again ask your teacher or whomever would they accept you doing the ncbsn review course so you sit for the exam. Also do your med surge ati, peds/ob, leadership & predictor( we had to practice exams 300 questions total) practice questions until its so annoying you want to slam the computer to the floor! YOU WILL PASS, YOU CAN DO IT!
  7. by   miss_bee
    thanks for the encouragement! might i add that my fiancee lost his job and we have 2 small boys so i'm in school all day and work 5 nights a week at the hospital! so i didnt have alot of time to practice my weak spots before i went in for the test and was soo tired from the night before that i went in with a negative attitude to begin with i only have 5 weeks left of school and im hoping to just stay afloat in everything but of course its hard for me to balance with work there just isnt enough hours in my day i thought about doing all the practice tests at least once a weekend as well as practicing my saunders book questions.. we finish our finals the day before thanksgiving and actual graduation is dec 10th.. my second chance at the pn predictor is on the 21st of November so i'm just praying that i make it! anyother tips are appreciated thanks again!
  8. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Do all of the practice tests and do the focused review that helped me out a lot.
  9. by   vintagemother
    Is this the Kaplan PN readiness test? I took that one last week and am just curious....
  10. by   njlpn421
    I would only do ATI questions only. Just practice practice practice. I got 98 percent on predictor and I just only did those question

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  11. by   miss_bee
    No, this is for the ati pn predictor not the kaplan pn readiness test
  12. by   miss_bee
    Thanks njlpn421~ did you read the books also? or just practice!? i'm super nervous but hopefully with me putting in more time i'll do better.
  13. by   vintagemother
    I wonder how different those tests are. Is yours used to predict how well you'll do on the nclex? That's what ours is. If we pass it we can know well likely pass the real nclex.
  14. by   miss_bee
    yep that is exactally what it is.